Understanding the PriceLabs Multicalendar

Understanding the PriceLabs Multicalendar

The PriceLabs Multicalendar allows you to view and set pricing customizations and overrides, toggle sync on or off, preform a manual sync or save and refresh your listings. You can perform most actions from the calendar view and Manage Listings page for multiple listings at once, all from one place! Read on to learn about the numbered tags in the image. 

1. Date Selection: The date selection on the Multicalendar defaults to showing today through the same calendar date next month (the image above shows the 18th of May through the 18th of June), but you can click the arrow to select a longer period of time. With the default view only the next few days will show on the right, but you can continue to scroll to see farther out dates. Weekend days are highlighted to stand out on the calendar band. 
2. Compact button:  Clicking Compact changes the view to show truncated listing names, and removes the minimum nights and overrides from the calendar to conserve space. 
3. Multicalendar Columns: Allows you to select only the columns you need or want to view: Last Synced, Overrides, Groups, Tags, Min Price, Base Price, and Max Price, 7 day, 30 day, 60 day
4. Pricing Extras: You can select to show or hide either the rows showing minimum night requirements and/or any date-specific overrides set at the listing level. 
5. Display Calendar and Filters: You can select to view listings based on PMS, group assignment, existing tags, listing name, and if sync is toggled on or off. Once you've made your selection, click Display Calendar to have only your selected listings shown. 
6. Clear filters: Clicking this will take you back to viewing listings in their default order. 
7. Next Month: Once you've gotten to the end of your selected date range, clicking here will add the next calendar month of dates to the Multicalendar. 
8. The Header Row: 
  1. Listing Info: When the calendar is first loaded, just the listing name will show. You can click to see the listing ID as well. 
  2. Last Synced: Just as on your regular dashboard this column shows you how long it has been since the listing has successfully synced. 
  3. Sync Prices: You can toggle sync on or off, and even do a manual sync for each listing from the Multicalendar! Hover over "Sync Now" on the listing row and a button will appear
  4. Review Prices: A Save/Refresh button for each listing! As on the individual listing calendar view, pricing will save and refresh automatically after adjusting customizations but you'll need to click the Save/Refresh button when setting date specific overrides, and unlike on other pages, you will need to Save/Refresh when adjusting your min, base, and max prices. 
  5. Customizations: Click to open the full customization panel for each listing! Currently only listing-level customizations can be managed from the Multicalendar
  6. Overrides: You can set date specific overrides using this button, or click and drag to select your dates 
  7. Customization Group: Click the drop down to assign or remove your listing to/from existing groups
  8. Tags: Tags set on the Manage Listings page will appear here
  9. Min, Base and Max Price: You can set or adjust your minimum, base, and maximum prices here. Do note that unlike on other pages you must click Save/Refresh to save your adjustments here.  
9. Listing Name: Hover over your listing names to see full listing name, PMS, and last refresh time. You can click the listing name and the cell will expand to show the listing ID as well. 
10. Daily rate detail popup: Just like on the regular pricing calendar, you can hover over any date on the Multicalendar for any listing and a detail box will pop up. If you have customizations being applied to this listing from the group or account levels, they will show here. Very useful while in compact view!
11. Previous Page and Next Page: Multicalendar will load 40 listings at once. If you have more than 40 listings in your account you can click these buttons to move between pages of listings. Please note that clicking the Next Page button won't add an additional 40 listings (showing 80 total) but will show you the next group of up to 40 listings in your account. 

Once you've scrolled to see farther out dates, your Multicalendar will look similar to the image below, allowing you to review your rates for the next few weeks for multiple listings at once!

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