Updating listing information in PriceLabs

How to reconnect listings?

Whenever you update your PMS/Channel Manager/OTA's account password, add new listings, or make changes to your listings such as updating the listing name and location, you'd have to reconnect your listings in order for the changes to apply to PriceLabs and prevent sync issues.

For Airbnb, reconnection is done through the Extension. You can find the detailed steps here.

Here are the steps on how you can add your new listings/reconnect your listings:
  1. From the Review Prices page, click on "Add/Reconnect Listings"

  2. Select either PMS/Channel Manager or Airbnb/VRBO/Houfy

  3. Look for your account
  4. Enter your credentials as if connecting your account for the first time and click "Connect"
Once these steps are completed, your listings will get reconnected. 

Detailed instructions for each PMS on how to integrate with PriceLabs can be found here.

PriceLabs gets all of the location and description information about a listing from the PMS/Channel Manager/OTA that hosts the listing. Any time listing information needs to change, that change has to happen on the PMS first and then the accounts must be reconnected for the change to take effect on the PriceLabs side.

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