Adding Date-Specific Overrides in PriceLabs

Date-Specific Overrides

You can add a manual override on specific dates to your listing in two ways:
  1. by clicking on the calendar and dragging to select the dates, or

  2. by clicking the 'Add' button next to "Date Specific Override" to the right of the calendar, which will open a popup window where you can select the start and end dates.
You can also add a manual override on specific dates for multiple listings at the same time from Multi Calendar page:
  1. by clicking on the calendar and dragging to select the dates from multiple listings to add the override.
  2. then select the listings and click on 'Save and Refresh’ to update the rates/minimum stays.


Date-specific pricing factors to adjust prices for events and seasons

  1. Fixed: (available only at listing level) you choose your own price for those dates. This price can go outside the lowest/highest price boundary since you're entering your own price, pricing adjustments will no longer apply to a date with a fixed price override in place. 
  2. % of base price (fixed): (available only at group/account level as a replacement for "Fixed" option above) Entering "-10" means you want a price that's 10% lower than the base price of a listing for those dates. This price can go outside the lowest/highest price boundary since you're effectively entering your own price. This price will now be static (no last minute adjustment, etc.).
  3. % of recommended price: Entering "-10" means you want a price that's 10% lower than our recommended price for a listing for those dates. This price will not go outside the lowest/highest price boundary. This price will continue to be dynamic since our recommendations will incorporate new information, and apply last minute discounts and other adjustments.
  4. Date-specific min-stay value for events and seasons: Note that these settings can be overridden in case there is an orphan day gap and you have setup a rule for that. As an example, if you setup min-stay of 4 for a season, but a gap of 2 available days gets created due to other bookings, this gap can be filled with a 2-day minimum if you have set it up that way.
  5. Date-specific maximum and minimum price: Just like price adjustments, you can also specify a different maximum and/or minimum price for certain dates using these options.
Important Notes:
  1. Fixed Price > % change on Base Price overrides supersedes other customizations with a fixed price and listing-level fixed minimum and maximum price overrides. For further details on the hierarchy of customizations and overrides, check our guide here.
  2. In order to set a Minimum Stay override, a default minimum stays setting must be set on the listing. To set min stay settings to your listing, you can check our guide here.
  3. In order to set a Check-In and Out Restrictions override, a default check-in and out settings must be set on the listing. To set these restrictions to your listing, you can check our guide here.

Once Date specific override is added, the listing calendar will look like the image below, showing the manual adjustment with a black band:

Setting a Date Specific Override (DSO) below the minimum price

When setting a Date Specific Override (DSO) below the minimum price, you'll encounter a confirmation pop-up to confirm the low fixed price override.

Pause Override Warnings for Next 24 Hours

In case you would want to update prices for different sets of dates for a listing or multiple listings with a Date Specific Override (DSO) below the minimum price, you'll see a pop-up each time that can slow you down. To avoid this and apply DSOs faster, you could check the 'Pause Override Warnings for Next 24 Hours' box. This will let you make overrides without any pop-ups for the next 24 hours, saving you time. 

Caution: Use this feature only if you're very sure of your updates, as any mistakes or typos could impact the prices of your listings. 

Please note that if you're a customer with >=10 listings, the â€˜Pause Override Warnings' feature is enabled for you while for users with <10 listings, you can enable it from Account Settings >> Advanced Settings.

Enabling Override Warnings while they are snoozed
If you need to enable the DSO pop-ups again while they are snoozed, then go to Advanced Settings from PriceLabs - Account Settings simply uncheck the 'Pause Override Warnings' setting in your account settings and save it. Then, check the setting again and save it. This will reset the counter, making the pop-up option visible on the DSO screens once more.

Account and Group-level date-specific overrides 

If you have many listings then making date-specific adjustments for holidays or events to each listing one by one might be pretty time consuming. In such cases, we highly recommend using the account/PMS-level date-specific overrides (or group-level date specific overrides if you have different sets of properties needing different changes!), you can find this on the Customization page

Advanced Customizations
(Watch Video)
  1. Only apply to specific days of the week:  In order to apply the Date Specific Override to only specific days of the week we can use this settings.
    Example - Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, apply a 15% discount

  2. Copy to another date range: This can be used to copy the same settings of the override to another date range without the hassle of doing it again. You can apply this to as many different date ranges as you please.
    Example - Apply the same override as November 20-23 to November 27-30

  3. Set Override Expiry: This allows users to set a time duration for the override to be active. Once the specified expiry date is reached, the override is automatically disabled, and the default pricing algorithm takes over, providing a seamless transition between customized pricing and standard settings.
    Example - Let's say today is November 3rd, and you want to apply a 15% discount for November 6th but disable it within 1 day of stay date; then come November 5th, the override will be disabled (so the count will be today + number of stay date indicated)

    Expired or disabled overrides will be labeled accordingly -

If you have a DSO applied for a longer duration, only the affected dates will be disabled from the override and not the whole DSO.

Reviewing Prices

Now when you review prices for a listing, you can hover over these dates on the calendar, and the popup will show that you have an account level custom pricing factor being applied (Make sure to choose to add and refresh when creating a DSO for it to be updated right away, otherwise you will have to click 'Save and Refresh' to make sure your rates are updated). As always, if a date has both account level and listing level date-specific overrides, then the listing level rules are used. 

When reviewing prices for a listing, you can also click on the "View" next to Date Specific Override at the right corner to see what listing, group or account level overrides are in place. The modal will show all the listing, group and account level overrides that are in place for this listing.

You can do the same using the "All Account level Date Specific Overrides" or "All Group Level Date Specific Overrides" buttons on the Customizations page to see account- and group-level overrides without having to scroll through the calendar!

How to delete Date specific override

Method 1: From the calendar view of your listing, click on the black line on the calendar which indicates a Date Specific override. Then just click on the Trash Bin button () at the bottom right corner of settings page.

Method 2: From the calendar view of your listing, click View next to Date Overrides on the right, and then click the Trash Bin icon to delete overrides. 

Method 3
: To delete Date Specific overrides on any levels (Account, Group or Listing), refer to this Video Instruction.

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