Check-in & Check-out feature

Check-in & Check-out feature

Please note that Check in/Check out restrictions is available only for limited Direct Channels and Property Management Systems.
Check out our table at the end of this article to see if we push this restriction for your PMS. If your PMS is not mentioned in the table, you'd have to set this restriction either directly to your PMS or your booking channels.
PriceLabs is aware that as a property owner or manager, there are some days on which you may not want guests to be able to "check-in" and "check out" for various reasons. For example, you may not want the cleaners to be at work on Sundays, or you may feel that guests should enjoy Saturday and take the option to check-out off the table.

Setting up Check In / Out Restrictions

To set the check-in/out restrictions, follow the steps below:
  1. From the Pricing Dashboard and Review Prices page, click on "Edit" from the Customizations section
  2. Go to the Stay Restrictions tab, and enable the toggle for Check In - Check Out
  3. Under Allow Check In on, select the days you prefer to be check in days and same goes with Allow Check Out

Applying Check In / Out Restrictions on Specific Dates

Aside from applying check-in/out restrictions throughout the calendar, you can also apply check-in/out restrictions on particular dates through the Date Specific Override.
Note: To successfully save the check-in/out restrictions on overrides, both the Allow Check In and Allow Check Out days must be populated.

Smart Check In / Out Settings

This additional feature is currently only available by request and can only be activated to those with PMS or channels who currently supports the check in / out restrictions.
To activate it to your account, please reach out to
This setting currently have 2 available options:

1. Block Check-in/Check-outs that leave orphan gaps

This setting prevents bookings from creating gaps indicated. In the screenshot above, for bookings after 30 nights from today, no guests will be able to book a check-in / check-out on any date that could create a 1-night gap.
Following the settings above, with the following calendar:

  1. No guests will be able to check out on the 14th since it will create a 1-night gap. Thus, the booking should check out on the 15th. Additionally, since there's a 2-night gap, guests will have to book the 2 nights even though the minimum stay restriction is of 1 night.
  2. No guests will be able to check in on the 21st as well since it will also create a 1-night gap. Guests should book starting the 20th or on the 22nd instead.

2. Allow Check-in/Check-outs on adjacent nights


How does this help?
This setting overrides your default check-in/check-out options, allowing you to open up your availability to more days. But how exactly does this work? Let's take a closer look.
How does this work?
Suppose you've set your default check-in option to Friday and your default check-out option to Wednesday. However, you've got a booking that starts on Wednesday,
June 7th, and ends on Tuesday, June 13th. Normally, this would create an orphan gap, leaving you with empty days that could have been booked.  

But with the override setting, you can allow check-in on Tuesday, June 13th, and check-out on Wednesday, June 7th, ensuring that there are no gaps in your availability. Essentially, this feature enables check-in and check-out for all of your adjacent days, giving you more opportunities to fill your calendar.
By using this setting, you can maximize your availability and increase your chances of getting booked. So why not give it a try?  

 Check-In/Out Restrictions Availability

This feature is only available for the mentioned PMS/platforms below:

AirbnbCheck-in only
BookervilleCheck-in only
FantasticStayCheck-in only
Host Tools
Houfy (testing)
Interaction Booking Manager
iProMust be set in PriceLabs
MyVRCheck-in only
SuperControlMust be set in PriceLabs
VRBOMust be set in PriceLabs
VRMCheck-in only
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. "I reviewed the table, and it does not have my PMS listed. What can I do?"
Answer: Kindly coordinate with your respective PMS or Listing channel on how to set up check-in/check.

2. "I saw in the table that it's YES for the check-in ONLY; what do about the check-out?'"
Answer: Please set it up on your PMS or in your listing channel.

The details on the above table may change at any time, as we will be updating for more PMSs in the coming months.
If you don't see your PMS on the list, or would like to confirm the information - please reach out to us at

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