How to check if my listings are synced successfully?

How to check if my listings are synced successfully?

Here at PriceLabs, we understand how important it is to keep your listing syncing so that the rates and customizations are constantly updated. We strive to keep it consistent and would want to ensure that you are informed if the listing is still syncing or has experienced some issues.
  1. By default, we sync rates every night between 6 PM and 6 AM Chicago time or between 23:00/0:00 and 12:00/13:00 UTC (depending on daylight savings/summer time).
  1. If you just added a listing and want to sync sooner instead of waiting overnight (or you missed the start time of our nightly cycle), then please click on "Review Prices" to see the listing calendar and then click on "Sync Now"

How do I know if my prices are syncing or if it's working at all?

The following are the things you may check to learn about your listing's syncing status or condition:
  1. Last Sync Status
    In the Pricing Dashboard or Multi Calendar, you'd see the column with the label "Last Synced" which indicates when was the last time a listing was able to sync. This also shows if there's an error with the sync.

    You can also see the status under Sync Prices when reviewing prices.


    Note: For the lightning icon, there are some instances where you will see this during the nightly sync and you shouldn't worry because the system will try to push it again. After some time, you'll see if it's successful or not.

  2. Prices and Customizations are reflecting the same with the PMS Calendar or Listing Channel
    Once the sync status of a listing shows that it's successful, you can confirm further if the rates are successfully pushed to your connected channel, PMS, or channel managers. Please allow at least a few minutes for your rates to fully reflect on your connected channels.

If your rates are not matching with the rates on your PriceLabs calendar, kindly follow the steps below:
  1. If you are syncing directly to Airbnb, VRBO, or Houfy, please reach out to and include the following information-
    1. Name of the listings affected
    2. Dates with the discrepancies
    3. If a booking or reservation request was made, when did you receive the booking/request
  2. If you are using a PMS or Channel Manager, please reach out to with a screenshot of your calendar rates from your PMS or Channel Manager
  3. If the rates between PriceLabs and your PMS/Channel Manager are matching but not with your booking sites (Airbnb, VRBO, Houfy, etc.), kindly reach out to your PMS/Channel Manager provider so they could investigate the issue

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