Manage Multiple Listings with Group Customizations in PriceLabs

Using Account/Group Customizations and Overrides to Manage Multiple Listings

Having multiple listings can be tedious to manage one by one. Thus, PriceLabs allows managing customizations and creating date-specific overrides on the Account and Group-Level making managing multiple listings at once quick and easy.

Account-Level Customizations

Account-Level customizations provide you the option to apply the same settings to all of your listings under a PMS, Channel Manager, or Booking Channel connected to your PriceLabs account.

Application scenarios:
  1. Pricing Offsets for mapped listings (ex. you have Airbnb and VRBO listings and since VRBO have more fees than Airbnb, you'd like to apply a markup of 8% to all of your VRBO listings)
  2. Orphan Prices Premium for all listings under the account (ex. you don't want 1-night orphan gaps to be discounted but rather prefer to set a  20% premium and apply it to all of your listings)

To apply account-level customizations, please follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Dynamic Pricing > Customizations
  2. Under the Accounts tab, select the account you want to manage
  3. Click "Edit"
  4. Set your preferred customizations
  5. Once done, click "Save Changes"

Group-Level Customizations

Aside from Account customizations, you can also create groups to manage multiple listings together. These groups can be anything:
  1. City Names: If you have listings in multiple cities
  2. Listing Type: You might want to create separate groups for 1/2/3/4+ bedroom listings
  3. Neighborhood: If your listings are in different parts of the city, and you want to manage them separately
  4. Owner/Legal Restrictions: Some of your listings might allow for a short 1 night stay, while others might not be allowed to take bookings shorter than a week
Application scenarios:
  1. You have a 5 listings and 3 of them have 2BR but they are located in different neighborhoods or buildings and you want to apply the same customizations for the listings so you can create a group customization and apply it to your 2BR listings
  2. You have 10 listings; 7 listings are your own properties and 3 listings are owned by your sibling who's letting you manage it. You have different preference on the monthly discount. So you can create 2 group customizations with different monthly discounts and apply it to the respective listings.

Creating Group Customizations

  1. Navigate to Dynamic Pricing > Customizations
  2. Under the Accounts tab, click "Create Group"
  3. Select the group you created and click "Edit"
  4. Set your preferred customizations
  5. Once done, click "Save Changes"

Applying Group Customizations

There are 2 ways you can apply group customizations to listings:
  1. From the Manage Listings page:
  2. From the Review Prices page:

Account/Group Overrides

When you're making overrides at a group or account level, it's generally better to do those in percentages instead of fixed values since different listings might have different base/min/max rates and you don't want the same fixed amount on each of those. Here's a quick explanation of the options available:

Price Adjustment

  1. "% change on recommended price" - this option lets your prices stay dynamic by applying adjustments on top the current recommended price (which comes from applying seasonal, day-of-week, lead-time, holiday/event factors, and customizations on the base price). If the base price is 100, and the other factors (seasonal, day of week, etc.) amount to a 30% increase, then the final price would be 130.
    1. If you now add a 20% override, the price will be 130*1.2 = 156
  2. "% change on base price (fixed)" - this is the fixed price option at the account or group-level, where if the base price was 100, and you choose 20% change on base price, you're requesting the new price to be 120 (all other factors applied by PriceLabs are ignored).
  3. "Fixed" - this lets you enter a fixed value instead of %. We don't show this option by default since it can be error prone if you have different types of listings in a group/account that don't all need the same price. If you need it for your use case, please send a request to to enable this to your account.

Min Price Adjustment

  1. "% change on base price" - this option sets the new min price to be relative to the base price for the listing.
  2. "% change on min price" - this option sets the new min price to be relative to the min price for the listing.

Max Price Adjustment

  1. "% change on base price" - this option sets the new max price to be relative to the base price for the listing.
  2. "% change on max price" - this option sets the new max price to be relative to the max price for the listing.

Base Price

Just like minimum and maximum price adjustments, you can also specify a different base price for a certain set of dates. Please note that this feature is only available on request. You can send a request to to enable this to your account.

For more details on overrides, you can read our main guide here.

Applying Account or Group-Level Overrides

  1. Navigate to Dynamic Pricing > Customizations
  2. Go to your preferred level
  3. Click "Account Calendar" or "Group Calendar"
  4. Click "Add" or go through the calendar then click (and drag) the dates you want to apply an override
  5. Set your preferred override settings
  6. Once done, click "Add"

Important Notes:
  1. Please be aware that we follow a hierarchy when applying the customizations. In general, for each customization, listing-level settings override account and group-level settings. We highly encourage you read through the full details here.
  2. Fixed Price > % change on Base Price overrides supersedes other customizations with fixed price and listing-level fixed minimum and maximum price overrides.

We sincerely hope that these capabilities save you a ton of time! When account or group-level customizations are being used, you will see them on the listing customizations panel as shown here: 

Video Tutorial

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