How to map listings across channels on PriceLabs

Mapping Listings Between Channels

When to use mapping?

Same listing on two or more different channels/PMSs:

If you are using PriceLabs to update prices & minimum stays for a listing on two channels (say Airbnb and VRBO), you would want the two channels to have similar rates for your listing. Also, you don't want to double the effort required to maintain pricing for both properties.

How do mapping listings help?
  1. It helps us maintain rate parity between similar listings.
  2. It allows you to set the min/base/max prices, and date-specific customizations on a parent listing, and they will be copied over to the child listing(s)
  3. Once you’ve mapped listings together, a reduced rate will apply so we won’t double charge you. We will charge only 1$ extra for the child listing - billing for child listings is explained in detail here.

To better explain this, if you have one listing on Airbnb and one listing also on VRBO, you would need to map them together. The Parent listing would cost $19.99 and the mapped Child listing would only cost you $1.00 extra. Your total would be $19.99 + $1.00 = $20.99 instead of the current $34.98 per month.

You can check the detailed information on pricing here.

Parent and Child Definition

Before we start mapping, it would be helpful to know the difference between a parent and a child listing:
  1. Parent listing is your main listing on one portal and will be the primary listing when using PriceLabs.
  2. Child listing is a copy of the parent listing on other portals.

Now that we know what parent and child listings are, let's map them! 

Do note that to map two listings together they need to have the same location parameters (their latitude/longitude should be the same). You can check our guide to learn how to update your listing location here.

How to Map Listings?

  1. Navigate to Dynamic Pricing > Manage Listings
  2. Under the Unmapped Listings tab, look for the listings you want to map together (if they are under the same name and you have a lot of listings, you can type the name on the search bar to make it easier for you to map them)
  3. Click the "Map" button for the listing that will be set as the Child Listing (if you can't see the "Map" button, scroll to the right and you should be able to see it)
  4. The Map Listings window will appear and select the radio button of the corresponding Parent listing then click "Map Listing"
    Note: You have the option to replace the child's minimum/base/maximum prices and/or listing level customization and date-specific overrides with the parent listing

Once you're done, you'll now see your listings under the Mapped Listings tab, and when you go back to the Review Prices page, the child listing's name will be in italic.

You also have the option to hide the child listings by clicking on "Row Filters" and then tick the checkbox for "Hide child listings".

On this page, you can also set the base, minimum, and maximum prices for all of your listings from one location. Bonus!

You can also watch our video tutorial here:

Instead of the default overnight sync, you can now choose what time in your local time zone you want the sync to happen so that both parent and child listings sync at the same time! For more information refer here.

Managing rate parity

Rate parity is maintained by applying your base/min/max settings, listing level customizations, and override settings from your parent listing to the child listing. These settings automatically copy over, so please make sure to untick the boxes if you wish to have different rates between parent and child listings. 
  1. To adjust base, min, or max prices: Click the Review Prices button for the parent listing and on the left panel, next to the calendar, you will see an option to copy prices to the child listing.

  1. To adjust customizations for both listings: Simply set the customization on the parent listing and you will see the option to copy the same settings to the child listing. If the "Save Changes" button is clicked while this box is ticked then all customizations set for this listing will copy from the parent to the child listing

  1. To copy over custom price changes/date-specific overrides: Set the custom prices on the parent listing and you will see the option to copy the custom prices to the child listing. 

Note: All of the copy checkboxes shown above are checked by default.

Managing Channel Specific commission

When syncing to two channels with different commission structures (say Airbnb and VRBO), you should use the pricing offset customization at the Account level from the Customizations page so your customization settings will apply to all listings at once! Note: If you create pricing offset at the child listing level, it might get overwritten when you try to change parent customization because the default action is to copy all customizations from parent to child.

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