Listing location settings in PriceLabs

Listing Location Settings in PriceLabs

Part of our rate adjustments are based on the hyper-local data we use to track demand for your listing's area, so it is very important to make sure the correct location is set for your listing. If the location for your listing is off by even a few hundred meters, this could skew the demand-based portion of our adjustments!

In most cases, your listing will automatically be assigned a location based on the address entered in your OTA or PMS, but different platforms can use different mapping systems and this can lead to differing locations.

You can check to see the exact location that was assigned to your listing on the Manage Listings page. By clicking the "Pencil" icon beside the location coordinates, the Location Data window will show the map so you can make sure your listing location is correct. 

What happens if your listing location is incorrect?

In most cases you will need to adjust the latitude and longitude in your PMS/platform and then re-connect the listing into PriceLabs; instructions for this will be in the help article for your PMS/platform here.
  1. If you are syncing directly with Airbnb, then you must reach out to Airbnb support and request the location for your listing be changed and then re-import your listing into PriceLabs.
  2. If you are syncing to Mews, Yield Planet, Newbook, Staah, VRBO and MiniHotel - you will be able to adjust your location directly on PriceLabs. 

How to change your listing location in PriceLabs

Please note this feature is only available for the following PMSs: 
  1. Mews
  2. YieldPlanet
  3. Newbook
  4. Staah
  5. VRBO
  6. MiniHotel

To adjust your location for the above mentioned PMSs, follow the below steps:
  1. Navigate to the Dynamic PricingManage Listings
  2. Click on the "pencil" icon under the Location column
  3. Disable the toggle for Allow PMS to import
  4. Move the marker on the map to the spot where you want your property to be, and the latitude and longitude of your property should change OR you can use the coordinates (latitude and longitude from Google Maps)
  5. Once done, click "Update Location"
Here's a YouTube Video tutorial for this process:

Where to find my property's coordinates? (Latitude and Longitude)

You can use Google Maps to find your property's coordinates
Steps to acquire your property's location:
  1. In Google Map, enter the address in the search field bar
  2. It will find the location and show a red pin location marker
  3. Right-click on the pin you'd be able to see the coordinates (latitude, longitude)
Bonus: If you have geo-tagged your place already, it will appear when you use "What's here?"
If you still find issues when you are setting up the location of your property, please do send us a message at

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