How to enter and manage tags in PriceLabs

Using Tags in PriceLabs

Tags in PriceLabs can be anything you please; listing addresses, unit numbers, locations, number of bedrooms, you name it!

If your PMS has a nickname field, you'll see the option to include listing nicknames when importing, and the nickname will automatically appear in the tags field.

Creating Tags

To create tags, just follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Dynamic Pricing > Manage Listings
  2. Look for the listing you want to apply a tag to and click the "+" button from under the Tags column

Applying Tags to multiple listings

To create and apply the same tags to multiple listings, just follow the steps below:
  1. From the Manage Listings page tick the checkboxes of the listings you want to manage
  2. Click "Add Tag" and enter your preferred tag
  3. Once done, click "Apply Tags"

Deleting Tags

To remove a tag from a listing, just follow the steps below:
  1. From the Manage Listings page, look for the listing and tag you want to remove
  2. Click the "x" button on the tag

Note: Removing tags can only be done per listing and not in bulk.

Using Tags to sort listings

Aside from using tags to quickly identify or group listings, it can also be used to sort listings in your preferred order:
  1. From the Manage Listings page, add the a tag to the listings you want to sort in ascending or descending order (e.g. 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C)

  2. From the Pricing Dashboard, just click on the Tags column title to view the listings in either ascending (upward arrow) or descending (downward arrow) order

Managing Tags for large users

Another method in managing tags in bulk is to download the CSV file of your listings then make the changes through a spreadsheet and uploading the file again.

Additional information: 
1. When you need to re-arrange or restructure current listings, tags are handy.
Since moving listings directly to the top or bottom of another listing is not feasible, you can use tags to order listings as per your preferences.

2. Keep track that in Tags, the letter comes after the number in the hierarchy.
You can combine them (0-999, Aa - Zz), but the one with the lowest number shows up first.
For instance:
Listing A : tags: home1 home2, home3
Listing B: tags: 1home, 2home, 3home

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