Listing Hotel Data

Listing Hotel Data

Knowing how hotels and short-term rentals are performing in your area is essential because potential guests consider both options when planning their vacations. Keeping track of both types of accommodations allows you to stay competitive in your market. Thus, we have improved our Hotel Data (powered by better quality data from and provided you with more functionalities to analyze your hyperlocal market.

  1. There may be certain cases where you wouldn't find the hotels that you are looking for, and this could be because of the following 2 reasons:
    1. The hotel is not listed on
    2. We do not classify those property types as hotels in our data (for e.g., campsite) If you think those should be there, please do reach out to with your questions, and we will be happy to help.
  2. Hotel Rates are updated every 48 hours, while metadata (i.e., bedroom count, etc.) are refreshed every 15 days.

Why Hotel Data?

The hotel data provides you with valuable insights into the pricing strategies of nearby hotels. However, please note that our algorithm automatically selects a set of hotels as one of many inputs in generating your price recommendations, and the selection you make here are more for benchmarking your prices with nearby hotels.

Hotel Price Tracker

Select Hotels

This feature allows you to select specific hotels in your neighborhood to compare with your listing. You can select up to 350 nearby hotels, but the nearest 10 hotels are selected by default.

The hotels selected here will be used for Dynamic Pricing IF ONLY you are using "Selected in Hotel Data tab" in the Customize Hotel Compsets setting. In case its a child listing, the selections in Parent listing hotel data tab will be used.

This customization is a by-request feature, however, if suggested in the Smart Presets, it will automatically be enabled for your account. Please email us at to enable this customization for your account if you cannot see it on your customizations.

Length of Stay Filter

Length of Stay filter helps you see prices for various minimum stay. LOS =2 means, that the prices shown are available for minimum stay of 2 consecutive nights.
LOS filter can help you in 2 ways:
  1. Discounts / premiums applied in case for longer/shorter stays
  2. They also help you analyze minimum stay criteria for hotels. For some hotels, you would not find any nightly rates corresponding to a selected LOS, because the minimum stay criteria is not met. If a lot of hotels in your neighborhood have min-stay of lets say 3 days, then it might be good to look and adjust your min stay criteria

Table & Graph View

  1. Table View
    Allows you to easily compare nightly rates among the selected hotels. Your listing prices are in bold, while unavailable dates are slashed and greyed out. Clicking on the hotel name in the table will take you to the hotel's page. On the table view, you'll find instead of rates, terms NB and NA are used. Their meaning are as follows
    1. NB - is shown if the date is "Not Bookable" for the selected LOS. The rates are available for a different LOS
    2. NA - is shown if the rates are not available for any of the LOS
  1. Graph View
    Allows you to compare your pricing position among the selected hotels. By clicking on a name on the legend, you can hide/show the corresponding hotel line on the graph. The Black line represents your "Final Price" i.e. prices recommended by PriceLabs.


The map view shows the approximate location of the hotels in your neighborhood, which is color-coded based on the "review score" as shown on You can zoom in to see more detail on each hotel and hover over any bubble to see the star rating.

Download CSV

You can also download a CSV file of the rates of your selected hotels based on LOS for the next 366 days.

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