How to filter listings in your dashboard?

How to filter listings in your dashboard?

Do you ever look at your dashboard and feel overwhelmed by all the listings present? It won't be a surprise if you do!
Being able to filter out the options so that you only see what you need to, is super important. 
And you can do so by using the filters present in your dashboards!

Be it wanting to look only at listings in a certain group, a certain city or a specific PMS, you can have it all.
And the best part, you can save the filters, so that you do not have to go through the hassle, every time you log in.
Sounds useful? Read on to understand the details of the same:

How to apply filters

If you do not see the below options, you can enable them from account settings > advanced settings > pricing dashboard filters:

To apply filters, simply navigate to the dashboard and click on "filter listings":

Step 1: Once you click on Filter Listings, you get an expanded view with a drop down to "select", as shown below:

Step 2: Select the filtering criteria you wish to have:

Step 3: You can add multiple filters at this step by clicking on "add filter" option:

You get an option to fine tune your tags by selecting "OR" or "AND" as well.
OR: Would include listings that have any of the tags selected.
AND: Would only include the listings that have all the tags selected.
Step 4: Once you have created your custom filter, click on "Show Listings":

These filters are present in Pricing Dashboard, Multicalendar, Portfolio Analytics and Manage Listings Page, and works just the same throughout!

How to save new filters or modify existing ones

Now that you know how to apply filters, you can save (and update) them too. This would save those few extra minutes next time you wish to review your prices and customizations.
Here's how:

Saving a new filter: 
  1. Click on saved filters > save/update filter
  2. Save it as a new filter with the name of your choice

Updating an existing filter: 
  1. Click on saved filters > save/update filter
  2. From the dropdown, select "replace existing". Then select the listing you wish to update
  3. Once all is done, just click on "save filter" and you will get a prompt upon successful completion:

Deleting an existing filter: 
  1. Click "Filter Settings"
  2. Click "Saved Filters" then click the trash icon for the filter you want to delete
  3. Confirm delete

Next time you wish to access these saved filters, click on "filter listings"> "saved filters":

If you make any changes to the filter fields like deleting a tag, changing the sync status or moving a listing from one group to other, the filtered results would change accordingly!

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