Understanding the Manage Listings Page

Understanding the Manage Listings Page

The Manage Listings page allows you to make changes to your listings, and as the name suggests, manage them under one page.
This includes mapping or un-mapping the listings, hiding them from the dashboard, deleting them permanently, or performing bulk updates.
Read on to understand the various numbered components on the manage listings page:

1. Listing Categories: When you navigate to the Manage Listings page, your listing would be listed either under the unmapped listings category or the mapped listings category, as shown below:

2. Listing Information: You will find all the listing details, viz. listing ID, sync toggle status, listing name, and PMS account, right when you land on the Manage Listings page:

3. Customization Group: Right after listing details, under "Customization Group", you can assign a group to the listing, which can be created under advanced customizations. This option is used to assign groups to each listing individually.

4. Show listings and Tags: For hiding/unhiding each listing, or adding tags, here is the option, right after the customization group column. Just click on the "+" to add a new tag and "x" to remove it!
For showing/hiding the listing, click on the eye button accordingly.

5. Minimum, Base and Maximum Price: In the next three columns, you get to add or update the minimum, base, or maximum price of the listings. This is especially handy if you have many listings; as it saves the time of going into each listing's "review prices" tab and updating it there.

You can read up more about these prices if you haven't already: What are minimum, base and maximum prices- How to set them up?

6. Location: Under the "location" column, you can view the exact latitude and longitude of your listing. We get this information from your channel manager, OTA, or the PMS you have integrated PriceLabs with.
If the location is incorrect, in most cases, you will need to adjust the latitude and longitude in your PMS/platform and then re-connect the listing into PriceLabs. But there are a few cases ( viz. Mews, Yield Planet, Newbook, Staah, VRBO, and MiniHotel) in which location change can be done on PriceLabs itself. In that case, you would see a pencil icon next to the location (as highlighted in the screenshot). You can read the article here to understand this in depth. 

Here is also a video guide to explain how to update the location of any listing in PriceLabs!

7. Map Listings: Map Listings option allows you to map the listings together by selecting the parent and the corresponding child listing, by presenting the  window as below:

Here are detailed guides on the two types of mapping that can be done on PriceLabs:

8. Unmap listings: The last column is for unmapping the mapped listings. This column is present under mapped listings only:

You will see the "unmap" button in front of the child listings, and once mapped, the listings will be moved to the unmapped listings column.

9. Checkbox for making selections: The checkboxes on the extreme left of the page can be used to select multiple listings at the same time and then perform bulk actions like delete, add tags, hide, unhide, etc.

10. Action items: As soon as you make a selection, you get various options at the bottom of the screen (an extra option to "unmap" is present under the mapped listings category):

  1. Add Tag: Tags in PriceLabs can be anything you please; listing addresses, unit numbers, locations, number of bedrooms, you name it!
    If your PMS has a nickname field, you'll see the option to include listing nicknames when importing, and the nickname will automatically appear in the tags field. You can read all about it here.
  2. Hide: If the listing is still available but is currently snoozed or temporarily unavailable, you can hide it to prevent it from showing up on your Dashboard.
  3. Unhide: Once the listing is available again, you can simply unhide it from this option and it will show up on your dashboard again.
  4. Assign Group: Bulk group assignments can be made from this option, instead of having to go into each listing and select it from the drop-down. You can read more on group-level customization here and how to utilize this feature.
  5. Delete: You can permanently bulk delete the inactive listings from your dashboard, using the delete option. Make sure to turn the toggle off before trying to delete the listing.
  6. Unmap: The option to unmap is only present under mapped listings, and lets you unmap them in bulk. Once unmapped, the listings will be moved from the mapped column to the unmapped column instantaneously.
  7. Clear selection: As the name suggests, you can clear the selection made, using this option. 

11. Bulk Update: Another option for bulk actions is on the top right shown below:

Bulk updates on the manage listings page can be done by editing a CSV file.
It can be downloaded from the bulk update drop-down, edited, and then uploaded from here.
Below is the format of the .csv file:

This button also gives an option of bulk deletion by selecting all the listings.

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