Understanding the Manage Listings Page

Understanding the Manage Listings Page

The Manage Listings page lets you easily modify and oversee your listings from one convenient location. You can map or un-map your listings, hide them from view, permanently delete them, or update them in bulk. Read on to understand the various numbered components on the manage listings page:

  1. Listing Categories: When you navigate the Manage Listings page, your listing will be classified under the unmapped or mapped listings. Under the Mapped Listings tab, you can unmap child listings from the parent listings.

  2. Listing Name: Displays the name of the listing.

  3. Sync Prices: Shows either ON or OFF to signify whether a listing is actively syncing or not.

  4. Minimum, Base, and Maximum Price: In the next three columns, you get to add or update the minimum, base, or maximum price of the listings. This is especially handy if you have many listings; it saves time going into each listing's "review prices" tab and updating it individually. (More details in setting these prices here.)

  5. Customization Group: A useful feature if you have multiple properties. You can assign each listing to a group so that you can work on a group of properties in one session. You can read more about creating and managing groups here.
  6. Sub Groups are a request-only feature. Please email us at support@pricelabs.co to enable it for your account.
  7. Action: This column allows you to hide () or show () listings, or delete () listings from the Pricing Dashboard and Multi Calendar. Only listings that are NOT syncing can be hidden/deleted.

  8. Tags: This section allows you to add or remove tags from your listings easily. To learn more about managing your tags, check our guide here.

  9. BR Count: This column displays the bedroom count of your listings that we were able to fetch from your connected channels. It is also where you can set your bedroom count if we're unable to pick up your data. More details here.

  10. Location: The location data includes the Latitude and Longitude of your listing that we received from your integrated platform. For select integrations (Mews, YieldPlanet, Newbook, Staah, VRBO, and MiniHotel), you can also adjust your location details under this column. You can check our guide for this process here.

    Here is also a video guide to explain how to update the location of any listing in PriceLabs!

  11. Bulk Actions: The checkboxes on the extreme left of the page can be used to select multiple listings simultaneously and perform bulk actions which include adding tags, hiding/showing listings, assigning groups, and deleting listings.

  12. Map Listings: The Map Listings feature allows you to map the listings together by selecting the parent and the corresponding child listing.
  13. Here are detailed guides on the two types of mapping that can be done on PriceLabs:
    1. Mapping Listings Between Channels
    2. Multi-unit Mapping
  14. Listings Filter: This allows you to view the specific listings you need and adjust any current filters applied to your dashboard. You can enable this filter from your Account's Advanced Settings. For more details, check our guide here.

  15. Add/Reconnect Listings: This button enables you to connect or reconnect your channels/PMS to PriceLabs. (Check the step-by-step guide here.)

  16. CSV: This is a handy feature that allows you to manage your listings in bulk through a CSV file. For more details on this, check our guide here.

    Below is the format of the .csv file:

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