How to set bedroom count?

How to Edit the Listing Bedroom Count?

When we calculate our recommended rates, one important factor we look at is how your listing compares to others of a similar size. We use the number of bedrooms in listings within your market to help with this process.

Occasionally, we may encounter challenges obtaining bedroom count data from your connected channels. To address this, we have now introduced a feature on PriceLabs that allows you to manually set the bedroom count if we cannot retrieve this information from your connected channel.

To set the bedroom count of your listing, follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Dynamic Pricing > Manage Listings
  2. Look for your listing with the unavailable bedroom count and click the pencil () icon under the BR Count column
  3. Select the correct number of bedrooms, then click the check () button

  1. This feature will automatically be available if we're unable to fetch your bedroom count; to which you can just click the warning button (), and it will redirect you to the Manage Listings page:

  2. If the bedroom count of your listing is showing incorrectly on PriceLabs (though it is set correctly on your connected channel), please reach out to so we can enable this feature for your account.

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