Getting Started with PriceLabs

Getting Started with PriceLabs - A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to PriceLabs! This article has a step by step guide on understanding PriceLabs, our products, setting up your account and understanding pricing. Every step has links to articles which explain the concept/step in detail.  These articles cover all the basic things you should know about PriceLabs.

1.  Understanding PriceLabs Products

We currently have three products:
  1. Dynamic Pricing:  This provides automated daily rate and minimum stay updates based on market data and your listing performance. You can deep dive into how it works here.
  2. Market Dashboards: These are fully automated personalized dashboards that help you track vacation rental and Airbnb data anywhere in the world with actionable graphs and insights. You can deep dive into how it works  here.
  3. Portfolio Analytics:  A real-time reporting system that shows important vacation rental KPIs and listing-level performance data for your own listings and portfolio. You can deep dive into how it works  here.

2. Creating an account with PriceLabs and Importing Listings

We offer a 30-day free trial for Dynamic Pricing to all the first-time users. You can sign-up for your 30-day free trial here. During this 30-day free trial, you also get one free Market Dashboard credit if you add listings to your account, which you can use for one month. Additionally, Portfolio Analytics is completely free for all the users.
 For the detailed step-by-step guide in adding listings to your account, you can check it here.
  1. You can check the list of all PMS/Channels Managers that we currently integrate with and detailed integration guides linked to them here.
  2. If you are planning on using PriceLabs with both Airbnb and VRBO directly, you can follow our guide here.

3. Navigating through PriceLabs - All Dynamic Pricing Pages Explained

Here are the quick links to detailed guides explaining the four pages in PriceLabs:
  1. Understanding Your Pricing Dashboard
  2. Listing Health Metrics
  3. Understanding your Pricing Calendar
  4. Understanding the Multi Calendar

4. Setting up your PriceLabs account in few easy steps


5. PriceLabs Trainings

Lastly, if you want to get a complete walkthrough of the system and set up, do register for one of our live trainings which happen everyday. We run two levels of trainings, covering basic and advanced features respectively. You can register for them here.

6. PriceLabs Billing and Subscription

We really hope that you get the best out of your free trial. Here is our billing policy and steps to subscribe, while you can learn more about our Pricing Plans here.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please drop us an email at, and our amazing support team will get back with solutions to your issues.

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