Creating an Account and Importing Listings

Creating an Account and Importing Listings

We've designed PriceLabs to be a fairly intuitive platform to get you comfortable with dynamic pricing. That said, we do not want you to spend any time during your one month free trial trying to understand how things work - we'd rather have you get done with this quickly so that you can get back to what matters the most - your guests!

So if you're new to PriceLabs, follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Create an account with PriceLabs or log in to your dashboard by going to

Step 2: Import your listings to PriceLabs. Once you log-in to your PriceLabs account for the first time, you will see a red "Add your listings" button in the center of the screen. In other pages like the Pricing Dashboard, you'll see a gray button on the top right that says "Add/Reconnect Listings"

The button opens a popup that has different channels (e.g., Airbnb), channel managers (e.g., Hospitable), and property management systems (e.g., iGMS, Guesty, etc.) that we integrate with. Once you select your channel/PMS and enter the correct credentials, the properties will be imported into the associated account. 
Steps to import listings for each PMS can be found here - PMS Integration
  • You can import listings from as many accounts as you want. 
  • You can import listings from multiple channels/PMS.
  • Pro tip: Learn how you can manage the same property listed in multiple places here
  • Your Pricing Dashboard will show your imported properties from all the different accounts. You will notice multiple columns on your dashboard, as well as a search field that you can use to quickly find the listing you want to look at - very useful if you manage dozens or hundreds of listings! 

Step 3: Understanding Your Pricing Dashboard - which contains a lot of useful information and actions.

Step 4: Review, adjust and sync prices. Now comes the fun part! Click on the "Review Prices" button towards the right on your dashboard to see our recommended prices for your listing. Read Understanding the Pricing Calendar to learn more. 

Free Trial & Billing: You get a one month free trial once you have imported your listings - no credit card needed! Once you have explored PriceLabs and find the value with more bookings and saved hours, you can add your billing information on your Billing page to continue using PriceLabs beyond the trial period. You get billed depending on how many listings you synced with PriceLabs during that billing cycle (for example, if you have five listings but synced only 1 listing, we will only charge you for that 1 listing). You can use the calculator on the pricing plans page to estimate how much your monthly charge would come to. You can find more details and a full explanation of our billing policy here.

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