PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing: Billing, Subscription and Invoices

PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing: Billing, Subscription and Invoices

How does PriceLabs calculate your invoices?

PriceLabs is full of features and bells and whistles, but the one thing we've kept simple is our  pricing plans;  there are no commissions, and in every billing cycle you only get charged for the listings you use PriceLabs for.

You can find out the price break down and use the calculator where you can insert the number of listings and see the price per month here

Free trial: You get a 30-day free trial for our Dynamic Pricing product. You have access to all our features and no payment information or credit card is needed to access our free trial. 

Continuing after your free trial: Once the free trial is over you get to choose if you want to continue or not. To continue, enter your payment information on your  billing page.
  1. Billing cycle: Your first billing cycle will start at the end of the free trial and subsequent cycles will start and end around the same time each month. So if your trial ends on January 22nd, your first billing cycle will run from January 23rd through February 22nd, and you'll see an invoice from us on 22 of each month thereafter. 
  2. Due date:  We charge at the end of your monthly billing cycle. You will get an invoice on the last day of your billing cycle and the payment method on account is charged 2 days later.
  3. Contract length: 
    The billing is month to month and you can cancel any time. The final charges for the current month will be charged to you at the end of the billing month.
    See our article here for information on pausing or canceling your account.
  4. What's included: In any billing period after the free trial, we count how many unique properties we updated prices to regardless of the number of days synced and charge accordingly.
    1. If you have 50 listings but only synced prices for 10 listings in a billing period, the invoice will be for 10 listings.
    2. If you have 50 listings, and 10 listings were turned on for sync all through the billing cycle, and 5 listings were turned on for sync midway during the billing cycle, the invoice will be for 15 listings.
    3. If you turn off the sync for a listing mid-way through a billing cycle, it will get included in the invoice for the current billing cycle but not in the invoices after that (as long as the listing stays turned off).
Child listings:
If the same property is used on PriceLabs through a PMS and Airbnb / VRBO (e.g., for PMSs that don't integrate with Airbnb yet, you might want us to send prices to both), you can  map listings  together so our systems know that it should be counted as one property. For the additional channel we charge $1/month/child listing. If you don't do this, our systems can't recognize that it's the same property and you might be charged double amount.

Multi-unit :
If a listing in your PMS is linked to many units, it will show in PriceLabs as one listing but with the number of units next to it. These will be charged at $4.49/additional unit. If each unit has it's own separate calendar in the PMS and can have different prices, it is counted as a different listing.

Paid (Additional Sync): 
  1. You can either choose which time you want your properties to sync every day or let us automatically choose the time when the sync happens. There are no charges for making this choice. Every 24 hours - either via timed sync of default overnight sync, we update your rates automatically.
  2. However, if you want your properties to sync more than once in 24 hours, you can choose to use our additional sync feature. More about it here. For each additional sync - we charge an additional $1 per listing per additional sync. Note that if you have a multi-unit setup, you'd be charged $1 for each multi-unit.
  3. ‚Äč

How to access your invoices & how to see which listings are you being billed for?

Details about all your prior invoices can be found on the billing page. Here is a direct link to this pageYou will see a panel on the left-hand side; the tab "Dynamic Pricing Invoices" has all the invoice details. See screenshot below.  The columns on this page show:
  1. Invoice numbers
  1. Billing cycles
  1. Date invoice was due
  1. Date invoice was paid
  1. Amount that was due
  1. Amount that was paid

Also, if you want to keep the invoices for records, you can click the PDF link in blue to download your invoice a nd if you want to see what listings you are being charged for - you can click the blue "CSV" link to see this quickly. When you open the CSV, you'll see the following columns.

Listing id is the unique number that your PMS assigns to a listing.  First synced & Last synced in cycle are the columns where you can see what date to what date was a listing syncing. Do note that we charge for all unique listings syncing during a billing cycle regardless of the number of days a listing is synced in a billing cycle. 

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