Scheduling when your listings get a price update (Timed Sync)

Scheduling when your listings get a price update (Timed Sync)

PriceLabs automatically does an overnight price update to the PMS/Airbnb/VRBO listings that you have turned on for sync - this usually meant between 0000 and 0700 GMT.

We now also support two new capabilities that you should see in your Account > Settings tab!

  1. Scheduling a price sync at a time of your choice [Free with Dynamic Pricing subscription]. Instead of the default overnight sync, you can now choose what time in your local time-zone you want the sync to happen at! As an example, the screenshot below shows how to schedule the sync to happen at midnight Chicago time

  2. Scheduling more than one daily sync [Additional cost: $1/listing/month for each additional sync]. We generally suggest that syncing once a day is enough for most properties on PriceLabs. But if you manage a large portfolio and use a lot of occupancy based adjustments (OBA or POBA), intra-day syncs may also be helpful in making price changes based on your internal metrics more frequently.  As an example, the following screenshot shows how to sync at midnight, 8AM and 4PM Chicago time. This would add $2/listing on your monthly invoices for each of your listings syncing with PriceLabs. 

  1. For technical reasons, Do note that the first free sync can only be scheduled between 00:00 and 18:00 GMT.
  2. We queue up your listings for a sync at the time you have chosen, but it might take a few minutes depending on the system load before the sync goes through!

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