How to pause or cancel your PriceLabs account

How to Pause or Delete your PriceLabs account?

You can choose to Pause your subscription or Delete your account with PriceLabs.

Pausing Subscription

If you want to stop using  PriceLabs for some time, you can pause your subscription by turning OFF the "Sync Prices" toggle. All your settings and listings will remain. 

After turning sync off you will receive one final invoice for services used until sync is turned back on. This invoice will be issued on the last day of the billing cycle and your credit card will be charged two days after you receive your invoice.

Invoice details can be found on your Billing page. Invoice will include all unique synced listings regardless of the number of days synced in the billing cycle. You can read our full billing policy here.
If you are pausing your account, please don't delete your listings. This will reduce the hassle of setting up from scratch when you come back.

Deleting your account

If however, you do not want to not use PriceLabs ever again and want us to remove your data:
  1. Turn off the Sync Prices toggle as shown above for all the listings
  2. Check for any Pending Invoice by going to Billing > Dynamic Pricing Invoice or Market Dashboard Invoices and settle any pending invoices by clicking "Pay Now"
  3. Then, send us an email at from the email ID you use to log in to PriceLabs
  4. We'll delete you account after charging for any pending invoices
  1. Download or copy any information you need from your account including invoices first before requesting to delete your account. Billing details, invoices and amount due can be found in your Billing page. Once deleted, information cannot be retrieved.
  2. We can only delete accounts that have no outstanding balance. If you have any invoice to dispute or have any adjustment to apply, send us an email at
  3. While, we hope that you give us feedback regularly, any feedback that you can give us about why you're deleting your account or canceling subscription with us would be very helpful for us to improve our service.

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