How much does Pricelabs Costs after the trial ends?

How much does PriceLabs cost after the trial ends?

PriceLabs is a revenue management tool that helps vacation rental owners and property managers optimize their pricing strategy to maximize revenue. PriceLabs offers a 30 days free trial for new users using Dynamic Pricing , but many people wonder about the cost after the trial ends.
We charge in arrears at a flat rate and do not charge any commissions at all.

We have 3 products - Dynamic PricingPortfolio Analytics, and Market Dashboards
Read on to find out how we price all our products so that you can make an informed decision about which products suit your requirements and how much you will be paying for them:

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing provides automated daily rate and minimum stay updates based on market data and your listings' performance. You can deep dive into how it works here.
You get a 30-day free trial when you add your listings for the first time! 

The cost of PriceLabs depends on the number of Synced listings in any billing cycle and the location of these listingsWe have a Pricing Calculator so that you can check the prices for your listings as shown below, no matter where the listings are located!

If your listings fall under the following locations, the price for 1 listing in PriceLabs would be: 

Pricing for USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel

Pricing for Rest of the world

Pricing for Brazil

Pricing for mapped or multi-unit listings

If you have the same listings on different platforms, you can save a lot on your subscription charges! (For ex: Airbnb and VRBO) 
We only charge $1 for the mapped listings across multiple channels. You can check out the details here: Mapping Listings Between Channels

If you have similar listings on the same platforms, in the form of multiple units (For ex: 3 similar 1br units in the same building with the same pricing), you can still map them and reduce your cost. We charge $4.49 for the mapped multi-units or native multiunits. You can check out the details here: Multi-Unit Mapping
For Brazil ->
Mapped Listings: For each additional connection per month on PriceLabs, the listing is 4.75 BRL
Multiple Unit Listings: Unit per month for 21.5 BRL, after the first unit. If your PMS does not support multiple units, this will need to be mapped in PriceLabs.

Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio analytics is a real-time reporting system that shows important vacation rental KPIs and listing-level performance data for your own listings and portfolio. You can dive deep into how it works here.

When you add your listings in Dynamic Pricing, Portfolio Analytics is free of cost! 
But we only support it for the platforms/PMSs mentioned here Portfolio Analytics Availability

Market Dashboards

Market Dashboards are fully automated personalized dashboards that help you track vacation rental and Airbnb data anywhere in the world with actionable graphs and insights. You can dive deep into how it works here.

When you add your listings in Dynamic Pricing, you also get 1 free credit of Market Dashboard during your 30-day free trial of Dynamic Pricing. More details on Market Dashboard billing can be checked out in this article.

When you do not have any listings to add, you just want to create a Market dashboard, then it will be charged as follows: 
  1. 1 Dashboard for 1000 listings costs 9.99 USD/month
  2. 1 Dashboard for 5000 listings costs 19.99 USD/month
  3. 1 Dashboard for 10k listings costs 39.99 USD/month

We really hope that you get the best out of your free trial. Here is our billing policy and steps to subscribe, and you can learn more about our Pricing Plans here.

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