Available for Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Analytics Availability

PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics is a free tool that can be used to analyze your listings' performance once you add listings in Pricelabs.

Vacation rental owners and property managers who use the below mentioned PMSs can access portfolio analytics from their accounts-
  1. 365Villas
  2. Airbnb
  3. Apaleo
  4. Avantio
  5. Bedloop
  6. Beds24
  7. Booking Automation
  8. BookingSync
  9. Brightside
  10. Deskline
  11. Direct
  12. Elina PMS
  13. Escapia
  14. FantasticStay
  15. Guesty
  16. Guesty for Hosts
  17. HelpMeBook
  18. Hostaway
  19. Hostfully
  20. HostHub
  21. Hostify
  22. Icnea
  23. iGMS
  24. iPRO
  25. Kigo
  26. Kross Booking
  27. Lavanda
  28. LMPM
  29. Lodgify
  30. Lodgix
  31. Mews
  32. MyRent
  33. MyVR
  34. Newbook
  35. Octorate
  36. Ownerrez
  37. Rentals United
  38. RentalReady
  39. Rentlio
  40. Res:harmonics
  41. RMS Cloud
  42. Hospitable
  43. Smoobu
  44. Stays
  45. Streamline
  46. Supercontrol
  47. SuperHote
  48. Track
  49. Talk Guest
  50. Uplisting
  51. Vreasy
  52. VRM (Virtual Resort Manager)
  53. YnnovBooking
  54. Zeevou
These are the PMSs where we have rental amount in Portfolio Analytics and for rest we have total revenue : Guesty, Track, Streamline, Ownerrez, Smoobu, MyVR, BookingSync, Hostify, Fantastic Stay, VRM (Virtual Resort Manager), Supercontrol, Octorate, 365Villas, Escapia, Direct, LMPM, Lodgix,  MyRent,  Rentlio, Brightside, Deskline, iPro, HelpBookMe, RentalReady, TalkGuest and RMS.

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