PriceLabs Market Dashboard: Billing, Subscription, Cancellation and invoices

PriceLabs Market Dashboard: Billing, Subscription, Cancellation and invoices

Market Dashboards can be incredibly powerful as you set-up your pricing strategies to maximize revenue. 

Market Dashboard Subscription:

There are two ways to subscribe to a Dashboard:
  1. When you create a Market Dashboard, you will start a subscription for the Dashboard. Here is how to create a market dashboard.
  2. If you had created a dashboard earlier but not subscribed, you will need to turn the "Daily Refresh" Toggle to "On" to Subscribe.

Market Dashboard Cost:

We have kept the pricing for Market Dashboards simple:
  1. Each Market Dashboard costs USD 9.99 per month for up to 1000 listings and 19.99 USD for up to 5000 listings.
  2. When you generate a new Market Dashboard, $9.99 or 19.99 would be charged to the card on file. If you have not added a credit card - please go to the billing page to add a card. This help article talks about how to add a payment method.
  3. After creation, the Dashboard will refresh daily & the subscription will renew monthly. For your monthly subscriptions, we invoice at the end of the billing cycle. To verify your billing cycle dates - you can see them on the billing page. Note that billing cycle for market dashboard can be different than that of Dynamic Pricing depending on when you started subscription for each of those.
  4. There are no contracts for Market Dashboards. The billing is month to month and you can cancel any time. The final charges for the current month will be charged to you at the end of the billing month.

Unsubscribing or Cancelling a Market Dashboard

To cancel Market Dashboard subscription, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Market Dashboard page.
  2. Turn off the Daily refresh switch for Market Dashboard (see screenshot below)

When you cancel a dashboard, you might get a final invoice depending on your billing cycle. This is because we invoice at the end of a billing cycle and not start like some other softwares. To identify pending charges for Market Dashboard if any, see below on how to access your Market Dashboard invoices.

How to access your Market Dashboard invoices?

Details about all your prior invoices can be found on the billing page. Here is a direct link to this page. You will see a panel on the left-hand side; the tab "Market Dashboard Invoices" has all the invoice details. See screenshot below.

The columns on this page show:
  1. Invoice numbers
  2. Billing cycles
  3. Date invoice was due
  4. Date invoice was paid
  5. Amount that was due
  6. Amount that was paid
Also, if you want to keep the invoices for records, you can click the PDF link in blue to download your invoice.

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