How to create a Market Dashboard on PriceLabs

Creating a Market Dashboard

Video Tutorial 

You can create a Market Dashboard by following the below steps -

Creating a new Market dashboard 

Step 1: To start, click "Create Dashboard" on the Market Dashboard page and enter a location and search radius for your report; your radius can be anywhere between 0.1 Km and 50 Kms.

Step 2: Advance by clicking "Continue >" to check the location and search radius on a map, from here you can go back and adjust the address or radius if things don't look quite right on the map view.

Please make sure this address is correct as address cannot be changed once the dashboard is created.

Step 3: Verify the details of your dashboard on the next screen. The system will show market data on up to 1000 listings by default(9.99$/month).
You can also choose to create a dashboard for up to 5000 or 10,000 listings here.
But please note the charges will be 19.99$/month or 39.99$/month respectively, depending on the plan you choose!
Once you're satisfied with your dashboard settings, enter a name and click the "Generate Dashboard" button. Note that the default currency shown in the dashboards is the US Dollar. If you want to see a different currency you will need to select it from the drop-down before continuing.
Please note that currency cannot be changed once the dashboard is generated.
Please note the defined radius is the maximum limit, and we get the closest x number of listings from its center point. If you notice that the generated listings aren't covering the whole radius, it's only because your dashboard hit the maximum listing count. 
Once you click the "Generate Dashboard" button this modal will close and you'll see the dashboard on your list in a few minutes! 

After creating a dashboard, you can adjust the name and radius by clicking the small pencil icons, and if you'd like you can receive email updates about developing trends in the area for each dashboard by selecting your preferred update day from the drop-down list.

Click the "Show Dashboard" button to open the dashboard and gain insights about your market!

Do go through our Market Dashboard guide, and our Dashboard FAQs for more details about what you can find in the dashboards.

Upgrade the current Market Dashboard plan

If you wish to upgrade your market dashboard to a plan with more listings, here's how you can do it!
Please note that it is only possible to upgrade to a higher plan. Hence you might not see the upgrade option if you are already using the 10,000 listings dashboard!

(The dashboard can take up to 15-30 minutes to update, depending on the plan)
After upgradation, you will be charged for the same, at the time of upgrade.
  1. If you have already paid for the previous dashboard, you only need to pay the difference!
  2. And if you haven't paid before, you will only need to pay the new dashboard's amount.
  3. If you have free credits, you won't be charged!

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