How to connect PriceLabs to Lodgify

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Lodgify

About the integration

PriceLabs - Lodgify integration, allows users to send daily rates and minimum stay requirements to from PriceLabs to Lodgify!  These updates are are sent for up to 540 days from today (for more on extending your pricing calendar see our article here). With this integration you can also send weekly and monthly discounts, and extra guest fees from PriceLabs to Lodgify. 

Lodgify can only send listings to PriceLabs if they are first associated with a Lodgify booking site.

If your listings are not yet live on a Lodgify booking site, please reach out to to ensure that your listings are able to connect to PriceLabs. 

Connecting to Lodgify

Step 1. Log in to Lodgify and select "Apps" from the main menu, then click on the PriceLabs app. 

Step 2. Copy your Lodgify User ID and API Key

Step 3: Log in to PriceLabs, click the blue "Add your listings" button, select Lodgify from the drop down list, and enter your Lodgify User ID and API Key. Your Lodgify listings will appear on your PriceLabs dashboard after clicking "Connect"

Step 4. Before syncing any prices make sure you've set a default minimum stay requirement in PriceLabs. Lodgify integration requires min-stay to be sent from PriceLabs. You can also setup advanced min-stay settings, or date specific min-stay settings - the instructions can be found on the link above.

Step 5: Please apply extra guest fees from PriceLabs, existing extra guest fees in Lodgify will not get used once the connection is made. 

Step 6: Once your customizations in PriceLabs have been set, head back over to Lodgify and enable external rates for your listings by going to the Rates section of your General Settings and toggling the switch for each listing. 

And you're done!

Check out our Getting Started Guide or one of the Live Training Sessions to get a good overview of the available customizations. Once you're satisfied with your pricing recommendations, you can turn sync on for your listings. Once that's done, you can wait for our regular nightly sync to push prices, or you can do a manual sync using the Sync Now! button. 

Setting weekly and monthly discounts for Lodgify listings

If you are using the Lodgify <> Airbnb XML connection: 
Discounts set in PriceLabs will carry over from Lodgify to most channels automatically, however in order to have the discounts set in PriceLabs apply to Airbnb listings, discounts must be set in Lodgify as well. They can either be applied from the connectivity agents when setting up your Lodgify account or from the channels page in your Lodgify dashboard.

To set the discounts from your Lodgify dashboard go to your list of properties, choose the property for which you would like to change the weekly and monthly discount and select "Channels" from the menu on the left-hand side. You can then click the three dots to edit the settings for each channel and set or adjust the discounts there. Please note that for Airbnb Pro, when you save changes Lodgify will send them immediately to Airbnb. However, there may be a delay of up to a few hours before Airbnb displays them.

If you have transitioned to the REST API Lodgify <> Airbnb connection:  
Weekly and monthly discounts set in PriceLabs will carry over to all channels automatically! 
Weekly discounts apply to bookings 7 to 27 nights long, while monthly discounts are applied to bookings 28 nights or longer

Resolving rate and currency errors for Lodgify listings

If you are seeing errors saying PriceLabs is unable to fetch rates, or that there is no currency set for your listing when there had been a currency set in the past, you can resolve these errors by doing the following:
  1. Disable external rates inside your Lodgify account
  2. Go to the Lodgify rates page for the property with the error re-enter the base rate and click save
  3. Enable external rates again
  4. Return to PriceLabs and Save & Refresh your listing and then click the Sync Now! button. 
If you are seeing this error for multiple listings it's best to do an account sync from the Customizations page

Different rate settings in PriceLabs and Lodgify

Where to Configure
Nightly, weekly, and monthly default rates
Extra guest fee
Seasonal Rates
Check-in/Check-out Restrictions
Taxes and Fees
Give Guest the Best Price
This Lodgify setting will not apply
Short Stay Premium
This Lodgify setting will not apply
Check-in and -out restrictions
Lodgify (optional)
Booking Window
Lodgify (optional)
Advance Notice
Lodgify (optional)
Lodgify (optional)
Lodgify (optional)

Please note that Promotions, Add-ons, and Taxes and Fees set in Lodgify are applied on top of your PriceLabs rates, they are not overwritten by PriceLabs. 

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