Guide for using both Airbnb and VRBO with PriceLabs

Guide for using both Airbnb and VRBO with PriceLabs

Before you proceed to map your listings, please note that by default, we update prices and minimum stay requirements for Airbnb for 540 days from today, and for VRBO for 365 days from today.

Since all the customizations on parents get copied to the child listing, this difference in the pricing window can cause discrepancies.
1) You can block your calendar directly on VRBO beyond 365 days to avoid any erroneous price updates for the same, and
2) You can manage Airbnb pricing beyond 365 days, directly on the pricing calendar in PriceLabs.

Please follow these steps to set up your PriceLabs account for using both Airbnb and VRBO:

Step 1: Import your listings from Airbnb by following the steps here - How to Integrate PriceLabs with Airbnb

Step 2: Import your listings from VRBO by following the steps here - How to Integrate PriceLabs with Vrbo

Step 3: Please note, we do not manage your availabilities in PriceLabs. If you are not already syncing your availabilities, you can sync your Airbnb and VRBO calendars using iCal by following the steps here - Using iCal to sync your Airbnb and VRBO calendars

Step 4: Since it is the same listing on different two channels, you can use our mapping feature to link your Airbnb and VRBO properties together. This helps maintain rate parity and avoids you getting double charged. You can follow the steps here - Mapping Listings Between Channels

For Vrbo-Airbnb mapping, we recommend that you set Vrbo listing as the parent and Airbnb listing as the child. When listings are mapped, all settings are copied from the parent to the child. If Airbnb is set as the parent, and because we do not support the check-out feature for Airbnb, it could inadvertently erase the check-out settings on Vrbo listings. Therefore, it's advisable to designate Vrbo as the parent and Airbnb as the child to avoid this issue. 

For Vrbo-Airbnb mapping, it is recommended to enable the rounding feature to maintain consistent pricing across both platforms. By default, the calculated rates for Vrbo are rounded to the nearest 5. To achieve the same rates on Airbnb, you need to turn on rounding for the Airbnb listing. Follow this guide to activate the rounding feature for your Airbnb listings when mapped with Vrbo.

Step 5: If you would like rates going to your channels to be slightly different, you can use our pricing offsets to accomplish that! This way listings can remain mapped so that they're easier to manage on PriceLabs, but show slightly different rates on each channel. This customization is best set at the account level, so the same adjustment applies to all listings for that connection. You can follow the steps here - Pricing Offsets for Mapped Listings

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