How to Integrate PriceLabs with Airbnb

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Airbnb

About the integration

PriceLabs will send rates and minimum stay requirements, along with check-in restrictions, to Airbnb listings for the next 540 days (see our article here on extending your pricing calendar beyond that point).


  1. If you've previously used a PMS(Property Management System) or Channel Manager, make sure it is no longer connected to your Airbnb account. You can check this on Airbnb, in Account → Privacy & sharing → Services
  2. If you currently use a PMS or a Channel Manager, do note that you'll need to integrate PriceLabs with your PMS, and NOT directly with Airbnb. When using a PMS, the flow of data goes from PriceLabs → PMS → Airbnb/VRBO/other channels.
  3. Make sure the listings you are trying to connect are LIVE and bookable on Airbnb. Listings that are snoozed, have no availability, or have just been created can not be imported into PriceLabs. 


  1. Check-in restrictions and Airbnb rulesets: If you have an existing Airbnb ruleset and at the same time you have a check-in restriction on PriceLabs, the sync will return an error. To resolve it, you can either delete all of your rulesets on Airbnb or turn off the check-in restriction on PriceLabs.
  2. Smart Pricing on Airbnb: If you have Smart Pricing enabled on Airbnb, please ensure to turn it off as it can apply on top of the prices sent from PriceLabs and you may see your prices not match as a result.


On Airbnb, make sure you are signed in using the Airbnb account from which your listings are connected. If you are connecting multiple Airbnb accounts to PriceLabs, make sure to first sign out of the first account, and then sign in using the second account before performing the below instructions again. 
  1. From the Pricing Dashboard, click the +Add/Reconnect Listings button at the top-right corner. 
  2. Go to Airbnb/Houfy/Vrbo tab, and select Airbnb from the dropdown selection. 
  3. Click Connect with Airbnb and you will be redirected to Airbnb's website to authorize PriceLabs to pull your properties. 
  4. Review which Airbnb features and settings are going to be accessed. Then, click Allow to confirm. 

It'll take a few seconds to a few minutes (depending on the number of listings you are adding), but after that, you'll see a confirmation that your listings are successfully imported. 

You should now see your Airbnb listings on your PriceLabs dashboard! Check out our Getting Started Guide or join one of our Intro to PriceLabs Live Training Sessions to get a look at everything the system can do. Once you're satisfied with your rates, you can turn the Sync Prices on and wait for our regular nightly sync, or use the "Sync Now" button to sync prices immediately.

If this doesn't work, please reach out to and we can help you with the setup.

Transitioning from Airbnb-IGMS/Beds24 bridge to direct Airbnb connection. 

If you've previously imported your Airbnb listing through IGMS/Beds24 bridge, we strongly suggest that you migrate them to the our direct Airbnb connection. Here's how:  
  1. Import your Airbnb listing to PriceLabs directly by following the the above steps
  2. Copy your settings (base/min/max, date-level adjustments, listing-level customizations) from the old Airbnb-IGMS/Beds24 listings to the corresponding new Airbnb listing by mapping the old and new listings with each other:
    1. From the Pricing Dashboard page
    2. Click the map listings  button 
    3. Select the Parent Listing (old Airbnb-IGMS/Beds24 listings) from the dropdown
    4. Select your Child Listings (newly imported Airbnb listings) from the dropdown
    5. Click "Map Listings"
  3. Turn ON the Sync Prices switch of your new Airbnb listings, then click the Sync Now button from its calendar view. 
  4. After a few minutes, go to your Airbnb calendar and check if the updated prices are now reflected. If the prices look good on your Airbnb calendar, you can now turn OFF the Sync Prices switch of your old Airbnb-IGMS/Beds24 listings. We will now send prices to your property through the newly imported Airbnb listings. 
  5. You can now hide or remove your old Airbnb-IGMS/Beds24 listings. 
    1. Click Dynamic Pricing from the top banner, and go to Manage Listings.
    2. Go to the Mapped listings tab
    3. Click on the Trash bin button to delete the listings, or the Eye button to hide them. 


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