PriceLabs - Airbnb integration common questions and errors

PriceLabs - Airbnb integration common questions and errors

First things first, if you use a PMS (Property management system) or a Channel Manager, do note that you'll need to integrate PriceLabs with your PMS, and NOT directly with Airbnb/Vrbo.
If you are here to learn about creating a connection between PriceLabs and Airbnb, please follow the steps on this article.

Settings that you should control via Airbnb

Length of stay discounts:

 You should keep your weekly, monthly and any custom discount based on LOS on Airbnb, as these can't be set on PriceLabs.

Check-in & Check-out restrictions:

From Pricelabs you can manage ONLY check-in restrictions. You'll need to set the check-out restrictions on Airbnb, or just set both on Airbnb.

Setting that you shouldn't manage via Airbnb

Early bird / Last minute discounts:  

We recommend you to remove these discounts from Airbnb, as by default, PriceLabs already applies a last minute discount and a Far-out Premium (opposite to 'early bird').

Custom Pricing rules, and promotions: 

You should check if you have set custom pricing rules, discounts, or promotions on your Airbnb calendar and remove them, since these apply over the prices pushed from Pricelabs, and can make your prices different from what you see in PriceLabs. 

Here is what you need to check:
  1. For the listing in question - first go to Airbnb Calendar >> price settings - look for custom trip length. These should match what's in PriceLabs. If they don't match then likely some other system (PMS/ pricing engine) is overriding our setting.
  2. Next go to multi-calendar in Airbnb. On right hand side you will see if you have any rulesets.  Please delete rulesets to manage things in PriceLabs. Rulesets take precedence over custom trip length and thus overrides our settings.
  3. Next go to the individual listing calendar and the dates in question. there on the right - you might see a custom setting or custom option. See if that's controlling the minimum stay. Delete those as well.

Should Airbnb​​​'s Smart Pricing be on or off?

If you are using PriceLabs to update prices to Airbnb, we recommend turning off the Smart Pricing feature from Airbnb. When syncing through some PMS's or channel managers, Smart Pricing must be off for rates to be successfully updated on Airbnb (see the article for your PMS for more on this). For any questions on how Smart Pricing effects your ranking in Airbnb search results, see Airbnb's help article here

Other common errors

There was an error while updating pricing to your Airbnb listings!

If you have recently changed your Airbnb password, or if Airbnb requires you to re-authenticate your connection to PriceLabs you'll need to go through the integration steps again to re-establish the connection. Follow the connection steps here

If your Airbnb listing has been snoozed, delisted, or the calendar has been blocked for the next 365 days, PriceLabs will not be able to successfully update rates for that listing. Please toggle off the PriceLabs sync switch for this listing until the calendar is available to update. If your calendar is not blocked on Airbnb and you are getting this error message, please submit a support ticket. 
An easy way to check on your calendar's status is to visit your listing page from a private browsing window and check the calendar there! Sometimes, listings will appear blocked to us, but not on the host view. 

You’ve set a maximum stay of 28 nights. Choose a minimum stay less than that.

If you're seeing this error and don't have a stay requirement longer than 28 days, please check your list of Date Specific Overrides. This error is most frequently generated when a fixed rate is accidentally entered into the min-stay requirement section when setting an override. 

You do not have permission to access this resource

If you're not live on Airbnb -- either because your listing is snoozed, or it's a new listing where you are live based on your host dashboard, but Airbnb hasn't published it to guests yet -- you might encounter an error that says one of the following in PriceLabs:

  1. This listing is no longer available.
  2. You do not have permissions to access this resource.
To find out if your listing is unlisted on Airbnb, please do the following:
  • Open a private browsing window in Chrome or Firefox
  • Enter your listing as  and replaced the Xs by the listing's ID.
  • You should see a banner that says your listing isn't available by the banner from Airbnb (This listing is no longer available) or Airbnb will do a redirect to the Home page
If this happens, make your listing live on Airbnb and wait for a few hours while this is updated on Airbnb's API, and you should then be able to review prices.

Ruby sign-in

'After signing in with Pricelabs, I received an email from Airbnb Saying that someone called 'Ruby' logged into my account. Is this Pricelabs?'
Yes! Ruby is the name of our servers (not a real person). The message indicates that Pricelabs is now connected to your Airbnb account!

Custom trip lengths on Airbnb

When Pricelabs pushes minimum stays to airbnb, they get stored under 'Custom trip lengths', under your listing details - 'pricing & availability - Trip lengths'. This is not a problem, and do note that every time Pricelabs syncs, it will override/create new 'custom trip lengths':

If at some point you wish to stop pushing the minimum stay requirements from Pricelabs, you'll need to switch OFF the setting on Pricelabs and manually remove the custom trip lengths from airbnb.

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