How to connect PriceLabs to Vrbo

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Vrbo

When syncing with Vrbo or any of the other Vrbo family of sites, PriceLabs can update daily rates and minimum stay requirements for dates up to 540 days from today (for more information on extending the pricing calendar for your listings, see our article here), along with check-in and check-out restrictions, and weekly and monthly discounts. 

Connecting to Vrbo

To import your Vrbo listings to PriceLabs, follow these simple steps:
Step 1. Log into PriceLabs and click the "Add/Reconnect listings" button on your dashboard. Select Vrbo from the dropdown, enter your Vrbo credentials (or the credentials of the associated site your listing is hosted on), then click "Connect"
Step 2. Review your contact information and click "Generate Code" to have a verification code sent. The contact information shown here is what is entered in the two-factor authentication settings for your Vrbo account, if you would like to change the number shown here you can find instructions on how to do so in the Vrbo article here.
Step 3. Enter the code sent by Vrbo and click "Verify Code" to import your listings

Before syncing prices do take some time to go through our  Getting Started Guide or join one of the live onboarding training sessions during office hours to get a good overview PriceLabs and our available customizations. When you're ready to sync, toggle on the sync switch for your listing and wait for our regular nightly sync, or click the "Sync now!" button to update rates on Vrbo immediately. Please note that due to restrictions on Vrbo, updates can take up to 10 minutes per listing. After a few minutes you can head to your Vrbo rates calendar to check that your PriceLabs rates and stay requirements appear there correctly. 

Notes for Syncing to Both Airbnb and Vrbo

Please note that if you are connecting both Vrbo and Airbnb to PriceLabs, PriceLabs will not coordinate calendars for the two listings. You must create an iCal connection between your Vrbo and Airbnb accounts in order to make sure reservations booked on one platform appear as blocked dates on the other. You can read our detailed guide on how to do that in our blog here.

You can also map your listings together so that you are not double invoiced for the same property, please read through our guide to mapping listings between channels for instructions on how to do that. Once listings are mapped, you can use the pricing offset customization to account for the difference in commissions between channels. Please remember to set a base price for the parent listing if you are still using the PriceLabs estimated base price. Estimated base prices do not copy  from parent to child listing. 
When syncing to both Airbnb and Vrbo set your pricing offset customization and check-in/out restrictions for Vrbo at the account level from the Customizations Page so your customization settings will apply to all listings at once! 

Reconnect your Vrbo Account

Any time listing information needs to change, that change has to happen on Vrbo first and then the accounts must be reconnected for the change to take effect on the PriceLabs side. This could include changing the name of the listings, address or even number of bedrooms.   

Also, whenever you need to import newly added listings from Vrbo, you will have to reconnect your account using " Add/Reconnect listings" button
Here you can click on " Reconnect Existing Account" so that you do not have to enter the API key details again - 

Please note: If you have changed your Vrbo password, you will have to use "Connect New Account" and enter the new credentials so that the connection is updated again.

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