Do I need to have a listing to create an account?

Do I need to have a listing to create an account?

For PriceLabs - Dynamic Pricing  your listing needs to be live and bookable. Otherwise, PriceLabs won't be able to fetch the data for your listing and add them to your account.

If you have a new listing which is not yet live and you are not confident about the pricing, you can set a very high rate for the time being and make the listing active. With this you won't get a lower price booking and you will be able to add the listings to PriceLabs. For more details, check our guide here.

After importing the listings, you can follow our Getting Started Guide for the basic setup, or join one of our Live Training Sessions to learn about all available customizations. When you're ready to start syncing prices, you can toggle sync for your listings and wait for our automatic nightly updates, or press the Sync Now! button to sync prices immediately.

No listings yet? 

If you do not have a listing yet and still want to do a market research in a certain area to get an understanding of the average revenue the properties are making, then we have a separate product for you. In this case, you can look at our Market Dashboard to get started in short-term rentals. Market Dashboards are fully-automated personalized dashboards that can help you track your location’s STR booking data through easy to digest graphs and insights. 

These fully-automated personalized dashboards track a specific location's STR booking data and translate it into easy to digest graphs & insights. Use these dashboards to spot anomalies in the market, analyze what other STRs are doing, or simply benchmark your performance against the market. They can be incredibly powerful as you set up your pricing strategies to maximize revenue.

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