How to connect PriceLabs to Avantio

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Avantio

Connecting PriceLabs to Avantio

While actively syncing, PriceLabs can send daily rates and minimum stay requirements to Avantio for single and multi-unit listings for up to 540 days from today (see our article here on extending your pricing calendar beyond that point), along with check-in and check-out restrictions, and extra guest fees.
  1. Extra guest fees must be set in PriceLabs. If not set, the existing extra guest fees in Avantio will be wiped off when the prices are synced without extra person fees. 
  2. If min-stay updates come from PriceLabs, they will overwrite existing occupancy rules in Avantio. For more information on how to set minimum night requirements in PriceLabs, click here
Before importing your listings, please take note of the following:
  1. Make sure your listings are assigned to a rate season in Avantio.
  2. Reach out to Avantio support requesting your username, password, and API key or Provider ID. Please note that based on the types of connection we have with Avantio, you are required to enter either API key or Provider ID along with Username & Password to import your Avantio listings. Their contact information can be found on their website here.
  3. If you're adding newly created listings from Avantio, please wait for at least 24 hours before connecting to PriceLabs.

Then, follow these very simple steps to connect your Avantio account to PriceLabs:

Step 1. Go to PriceLabs and click on the "Add your listings" button (if you don't have any listings yet) or "Add/Reconnect Listings" (if you have listings on your PriceLabs account already) on your PriceLabs dashboard, select "PMS / Channel Manager" and search for Avantio from the drop-down. 

Step 2. Enter your account details, click "Connect" and you'll be good to go! 

You should now see your Avantio listings on your PriceLabs dashboard. 

Check out our Getting Started Guide or join one of our Intro to PriceLabs Live Training Sessions to get a look at everything the system can do. Once you're satisfied with your rates you can turn the Sync Prices on and wait for our regular nightly sync or use the "Sync Now" button to sync prices immediately. If you head back over to Avantio after your first sync you'll see your PriceLabs pricing on your Rates page

And your min-stays on your Rules page: 

Note: If a min-stay is sent from PriceLabs at some point and then the switch is toggled off for that listing, that may lead to an expired occupation rule in Avantio.  If this happens, simply toggle on the min-stay switch and send a 1-night requirement to resolve the issue. 

Have you declared seasons in Avantio?

When you review prices for a new listing added to Avantio, if no seasons have been set up in Avantio to start, our price feed from Avantio comes out empty. In such cases, you will see an error like the one below (if there are no seasons, our system thinks the property is not on sale):
"Unable to get rate data from Avantio. Have you declared seasons in Avantio?"
To fix this, create some seasons for future dates in Avantio and try again - note that after you create seasons in Avantio, it might take some time for it to show up in our feed.

Lastly, if seasons are created for some dates and not all, the dates with no seasons will show up as unavailable. When we update prices, a season will be created for each date that is updated by PriceLabs.

Expired occupation rule in Avantio

If a min-stay is sent from PriceLabs at some point and then the switch is toggled off for that listing, that may lead to an expired occupation rule in Avantio.  If this happens, simply toggle on the min-stay switch and set a 1-night requirement, then press the Sync Now button for that listing to resolve the issue.

Sending Extra Guest Fees to Avantio

Please note that extra guest fees set in PriceLabs are applied to bookings made with more guests than the base guest count in Avantio. This guest count can be set by changing the main information in the property details. You can then select the number of guests to allow without adding the extra guest fee or the "Occupation without supplement". 

When setting the extra guest fee in PriceLabs, that guest count must match the guest count set under "Occupation without supplement"

Kindly note that if extra guest fees is not set in PriceLabs, then the price sync will wipe off the extra guest fees that was defined in Avantio. This may result in bookings with incorrect amount, not including the extra guest fees. To avoid this, please set extra guest fees in PriceLabs.

Setting up Length of Stay Discounts

You can now set discounts or premiums based on the length of stay (Length of Stay Pricing) for Avantio listings! 
This is a request-only feature. Please reach out to us at and we shall grant you the access!

Caution: Applying LOS customizations might erase your existing discounts/supplements on Avantio.

Let's take a look at where you will find this:
  1. From the Review Prices page, click "Edit" on the Customizations panel
  2. Go to the General tab and enable the toggle for Length of Stay Pricing Adjustments
  3. Click "Edit Adjustments"
  4. Set your preferred adjustments like below:
            Important Notes:
  1. All the fields for Premium/Discount are required to be entered. ("Add another night" will allow you to enter another rule) 
  2. The stay length value should be greater than the previous stay length, and it uses the "greater than or equal to" logic (ex. for ≥ 1 stay length, if the next stay length is ≥ 5, then the adjustment for ≥ 1 covers 1 to 4 nights)
  3. If your highest LOS is a premium, it will apply to nights up to 180 days in Avantio. For example, in the below LOS setting, the last entry is a premium and so, a premium of 5% will be applied for length of stay up to 180 nights. For LOS > 180 nights, no premiums will be applied.      

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