Manage Multiple Listings with Group Customizations in PriceLabs

Using Group Customizations to Help Manage Multiple Listings

PriceLabs provides a framework where you can manage customizations and date-specific overrides for each listing, or you can group multiple listings together and manage them at once! These groups can be anything:

  1. City Names: If you have listings in multiple cities
  2. Listing Type: You might want to create separate groups for 1/2/3/4+ bedroom listings
  3. Neighborhood: If your listings are in different parts of the city, and you want to manage them separately
  4. Owner/Legal Restrictions: Some of your listings might allow for a short 1 night stay, while others might not be allowed to take bookings shorter than a week

For each group, no matter the reason you have these group for, This requires three simple steps:

Step 1: Make your way to the 'Customizations' page using the Dynamic Pricing menu on your PriceLabs dashboard and create a new group by using either of the "Create" buttons on the page

Give the group a name:

Step 2:  Head over to the Manage Listings  page and assign listings to groups using the drop down in the Customization Group column

Or add your listing to a group directly from the Review Prices calendar view here
Step 3: Review prices to see the group customizations in action! Now, you can head to the main Review Prices dashboard, and:
  1. Use the group name to filter listings (yes! the dashboard is searchable by listing ID, listing name, tags, and customization groups!)
  2. Review prices for a listing that you just assigned to a group. When adding or changing customizations at the group level, you will need to click Save & Refresh to see those changes on your listing calendar. 
  3. Keep in mind that the customization hierarchy rules will apply. In general, for each customization, listing level settings override group level settings, which in turn override account level settings. We highly encourage you to read through the customization hierarchy help article to make the full use of this powerful feature.
  4. If you are going to be using these customization groups, we highly encourage removing any account level rules for better clarity on what rules are applicable to each listing.
We sincerely hope that these capabilities save you a ton of time! When group settings are being used, you will see them on the listing customizations panel as shown here: 

Setting group customizations video tutorial

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