How to connect PriceLabs to Track Hospitality

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Track Hospitality

When actively syncing with Track Hospitality, PriceLabs will send rates and minimum stay requirements, along with check-in and check-out restrictions to Track listings for 540 days from today (see our article here on extending your pricing calendar). 

Before integrating your PriceLabs and Track accounts, you must first make sure each listing has one year's worth of rates, and generate two API keys in Track: a Channel API Key to retrieve units and a Server API Key to post pricing from PriceLabs into Track. You can read Track's detailed instructions on how to do that here or follow the same steps outlined below. 

Step 1 : Setting Up Track Hospitality for PriceLabs Access

Create a Distribution Channel in Track:
  1. On your Track Account, navigate to Settings (Gear icon) > PMS Setup > Distribution Channel

  2. Create a New Distribution Channel

  3. Select "Custom Channel" then hit "Submit"

  4. Configure your channel:
    1. Reservation Type: this does need to be selected but will not affect the purpose of the channel. 
    2. Travel agent: Does not need to be selected or filled in.
    3. Select "all Units" if desired. Important: if you do not wish to have all units managed with PriceLabs, you will need to go to each unit within Unit profiles to the Channels Tab and activate the channel on each Unit. 

  5. Once done, scroll down to the bottom to save your new distribution channel then exit.

  6. From the channels dashboard, find your new distribution channel then click on "Edit' to find your channel keys

    Channel Keys here:
Make sure that the Nightly or Rack Rate is selected for access in the PriceLabs channel. PriceLabs can only sync to your Rack Rate, so please be sure the code for your rate type is RR(you may rename the rack rate to RR if its not already RRand is enabled for the PriceLabs channel (or all channels)

Generate API Keys

  1.  From the Configuration page, navigate to Company Set up and select API Keys

  2. Click on "+Server Key" and add new API Keys

  3. Once you have generated your new Keys, this will be the screen that you are taken to. You can review these keys at any time. The most recently created Keys will be placed at the bottom of the list when sorting by ID (highest ID #).

  4. Copy your Track domain which can be found at the top of any window in track and looks like this https://{{Domain}} then head back to PriceLabs

Step 2 : Connecting to Track Hospitality 

Once you have those Channel and API keys and their Secret IDs, you can log into PriceLabs.
  1. Click on the "Add New Listings" or "Add/Reconnect listings" button, then select "Track Hospitality" from the drop-down menu

  2. Enter your keys, secrets, and URL in the appropriate boxes and click "Connect"

Your Track Hospitality listings will then be imported into your PriceLabs account!

Once your listings have been imported, take some time to go through our Getting Started Guide or join one of our live onboarding training sessions, then start reviewing prices and setting customizations! When a successful sync has happened, you'll be able to see your PriceLabs rates on the Daily Pricing Screen in Track.

Adding new properties

Before reconnecting your Track account to PriceLabs, make sure to follow the steps below -
  1. Add dummy rates to your new property. Initial rates are needed before we can sync prices to your listing.

  2. Enable the access to PriceLabs channel at the unit-level if all access to properties is not allowed

  3. Proceed to reconnect your Track account to PriceLabs under the "Reconnect Existing Account" option.

Enabling Unit Type import

You now have the option to import Unit types as listings in PriceLabs. This enables you to assign several units of similar pricing logic to a unit type and then sync the unit type with PriceLabs. It further allows you to sync prices to channels whether you prefer to connect unit types or units depending on your choice.
This feature is only available by request, so email us at to turn on this feature for your account.
Once this is enabled, you will see a checkbox "Import Unit types as Listings" when connecting or reconnecting your Track account on PriceLabs using the "Add/Reconnect listings button".

Additional notes:
  1. The Unit types will be treated a multi-unit listings and the number of associated units will be captured as units of a listing.
  2. Track follows a hierarchical structure for prices assigned to a unit type as well as its unit, wherein the prices assigned to a unit take precedence over the prices assigned to its unit type. If the prices for a unit are removed, then the prices set for its unit type get applicable. Same hierarchy applies to restrictions including minimum stay, and Check-in/Check-out.
  3. Considering the above, if you have both unit type and its associated units as listings in PriceLabs, and if sync is turned ON for both, we will sync prices to both.
  4. You may choose to turn the sync off for units, if you only want to sync unit types pricing.
  5. On every re-connect/re-import, you must select the checkbox to import unit types along with units. Otherwise, only units will be re-imported.

Enabling Reservation Data Access in Track Hospitality

In order to use the PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics feature, you must first allow PriceLabs to access reservation data in your Track Hospitality account. To do that, click to edit the PriceLabs channel settings

Once you are in the PriceLabs channel settings, in the API settings section click "Yes" on the line that reads "All reservations available

Reservation information is fetched once per day so you will be able to use the Portfolio Analytics feature 24 hours after allowing PriceLabs to access your reservation data. 

Setting up Weekly and Monthly Rates

Step 1: First, you will need to define and make sure that your weekly and monthly rate types are created in Track: 
  1. Sign in to Track. Then, go to Property Management ->Rate Types
  2. Rate Types will be displayed in a table. The code for Weekly Rate is WR and for Monthly Rate is MR. If these don't exist already, then create them by following these steps:
    1. Go to the drop down 'Rate Type' menu in the top right corner -> Multi-Night
    2. Enter Code as WR for Weekly Rate and MR for Monthly Rate
    3. Enter Name as 'Weekly Rate' when creating WR and 'Monthly Rate' when creating MR.
    4. Enter "Nights" as 7 for WR and either of these for MR: 28 or 29 or 30 (Note: the nights used for MR should match the LOS nights that will be defined in LOS model in PriceLabs)
    5. Save the Rate Type.
    6. NOTE
      1. The 'Is Active' checkbox should be selected.
      2. Under 'Multi-Night Rate Settings', if 'Allow Extra Nights' is not selected, then WR and MR will only apply for the specific number of nights. Eg. WR will only be available for 7 night reservations and MR will only be available for 28 nights reservations(if MR is set up as 28 in step 2.d)
      3. Calculate Method should be set as 'Nightly'.
      4. If Allow Extra Nights is selected, then it means that reservations can be made for 7 or more nights for WR and 28 or more nights for MR(if MR is set up as 28 in step 2.d).
      5. Under Conditions, if 'Include All Unit (Type)' is selected, then the rate type applies to all units. If not selected, then specify the units in 'Condition' by selecting the units in the dropdown.
Step 2: Once the set up is done on track, kindly reach out to our support team ( to enable 'Length of stay(LOS) for Track' for your PriceLabs account. 
Step 3: Once our support team confirms that LOS is enabled, set up your Weekly and Monthly discount on PriceLabs through our Length of stay Pricing adjustment feature. 
  1. In order to push WR and MR, we need LOS as 7 for WR, and LOS as 28 or 29 or 30 for MR. All other LOS will be ignored.
  2. If user defines 2 or all 3 of 28/29/30 nights for MR, we will pick up the first entry.
  3. For example, if the LOS is set up as shown in the table below, for weekly rates, the discount for LOS >=7 will be picked, and for monthly rates, the first entry of >=29 will be picked and the >=30 will get ignored.

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