How to connect Streamline to PriceLabs

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Streamline

Connecting PriceLabs to Streamline

While actively syncing PriceLabs can send daily rates and minimum stay requirements to Streamline listings for dates up to 540 days from today (for more on extending your pricing calendar see our article here). Before connecting your Streamline account with PriceLabs, note that PriceLabs will import the following information from your account:
  1. Your "Unit" or "Home Name", Streamline property ID
  2. Latitude and Longitude (required fields)
  3. Availability calendar (any dates that are unavailable for booking will reflect in PriceLabs)
  4. Reservation information for dashboard and reports
When you're ready, follow these simple steps to integrate PriceLabs with your Streamline account: 
Step 1. Since latitude and longitude are required, please make sure you have set them for your properties. Head to your configuration page in Streamline and click on the appropriate Property Definition:

Click on the Edit button on the left: 

And make sure the latitude and longitude fields are populated correctly:

Click here for instructions on how to find your lat-long if those fields are empty.

Step 2. When you're ready to connect to PriceLabs click on the Self Service Onboarding link under the green Integrations menu in Streamline.

Find PriceLabs on the list and follow the prompts to sign terms and receive your tokens, then reach out to to enable yielding for your account. 
Tokens expire every three months so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for your new Token and Token Key. If new tokens are not entered into PriceLabs sync will fail and you will get an invalid token error notification.
Step 3. Once you have your tokens head to PriceLabs and click the "+ Add/Reconnect Listings" button, from the 'PMS / Channel Manager' kindly choose 'Streamline' from the PMS drop-down list, enter your tokens in the spaces provided and click "Connect"

You will now see your Streamline listings imported into PriceLabs. You can click to start reviewing prices, be sure to check out our Getting Started guide or join one of our live onboarding training sessions during office hours to get a good overview of the system,  but note that sync will not work properly until yielding rates has been enabled in Streamline. 

Once you've synced prices and min-stay from PriceLabs to Streamline, they will reflect shortly in Streamline. You can see this by going to "Configuration" and then to "Pricing Tape Chart", you will see the prices recommended by PriceLabs showing in the tape chart as shown below under the Y-STD rate type. 

That's it! Prices and min-stays in Streamline will be updated daily(or on demand when requested) when the sync switch is turned on. 
You do not have to sync all listings in your Streamline account with PriceLabs however, once PriceLabs is turned on, you will no longer be able to edit rate tape charts in Streamline. Any listings that are not getting daily rate updates from PriceLabs will continue to use existing daily rates, if rates need to be adjusted for any listing it must be done with seasonal pricing.

Applying extended stay pricing in Streamline

Streamline and PriceLabs can work together to give you the best dynamic pricing while still offering a discount to guests who choose to have longer stays.

To set up weekly and monthly discounts in Streamline enter the discount percentage at the unit level in the Distribution Channel Settings tab. Streamline calculates weekly rates by taking the average of that week's nightly rates and applying it to days of the booking. For example: (Sun + Mon + Tues + Wed + Thur + Fri+ Sat) / 7 = New Daily Rate X 7 = New Weekly Rate, any discount you apply at the weekly or monthly level will be applied to that total weekly or monthly rate. 

Select the weekly and/or monthly pricing options at the property level

And at the seasonal level

Now your PriceLabs pricing will get averaged and discounted by Streamline for guests who book an extended stay! 

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