Preventing gap creation using minstay settings

Preventing gap creation using minstay settings

With the latest updates, you can use the minimum stays for adjacent days before/after a booking to prevent orphan gap creation. How?

Let's say, you want to avoid 1-night orphan gaps in your calendar. Then you can set the rules as the screenshot below, in which you first need to select a minimum stay for the first night after a booking. This can be your regular minimum, 2-nights in this example. For the second night after the booking, we're selecting 7-nights minimum, to discourage new reservations starting that day, unless they are, at least, a 7-night reservation.
 For setting this up, you'll need to reach out to our support at and request us to enable the 'allow minstay increase' feature on your account. Then, make sure to check the 'allow minstay increase' box (see screenshot below).

If you'd also like to prevent 2-night gaps on your calendar, you just apply the 7-night minimum 'within 3 nights after a check-out'.

That way, day 3 after check-out will also have a 7-night minimum, preventing reservations from starting that day (unless they are a week long), and encouraging back-to-back reservations. If a new reservation is booked starting on day 4, at least you'll have a 3-night gap, that may be easier to fill.
Do note that the minimum stays for orphan gaps rules have higher priority than minimum stays for adjacent days. To check the hierarchy between all the minstay rules, click here.

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