Portfolio Analytics: KPIs & Historic Reports

Portfolio Analytics: KPIs & Historic Reports

KPIs & Historic Reports

This report is more backward-focused and not necessarily needed daily for decision-making. 

The first section of the report shows Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. This section compares broad metrics across various dates to see how things change. The default date range comparison looks at the last 30 booking days (so if today is February 28, we look at all bookings made on January 30 to February 28) compared against the 30 days before this period (so bookings made on January 29 to December 31 period). You can also compare by stay date and year-over-year (YOY).

In this section, you can view Stay Dates or Booking Creation Dates metrics. Bear in mind that if you have not received any booking for a period, you will not be able to select those dates if "Booking Creation Dates" is selected.

Revenue/ADR Details

You can now view the Revenue/ADR Details under the "In this Dashboard" section on the left panel of the report. This displays the PMS/Channel along with how the revenue information is calculated:
  1. Rental Amount - Total base nightly rental amount without taxes and fees.
  2. Rental Amount + Fees + Taxes - Total revenue, and in most cases, the amount the guests paid for their booking.
  3. Rental Amount + Fees + Taxes + Refundable/Security Deposits - Total revenue, including the refundable deposit that guests paid for their booking.

These are the PMS where we have a rental amount in Portfolio Analytics. For the rest, we have total revenue: 365Villas, Apaleo, Avantio, Ayrton BareFoot, BookingExperts, BookingSync, Brightside, Ciaobookin Cloudbeds, Deskline, Direct, E4jconnect, Escapia, Fantastic Stay, Guesty, Guesty for Hosts, HelpBookMe, HomHero, Hospitable, Hostaway, Hostfully, Hostify, Hotres, iGMS, iPro, Janiis, Jurny, Kigo & Kigo Pro, LMPM, Lodgify, Lodgix, Mews, MyRent, MyVR, Newbook, Octorate, Ownerrez, PropertyStack, RedAwningRentalReady, Rentals United, Rentlio, Rentalls RMS, RNS, Resly, SabeeApp Smoobu, Stays, Streamline, SuiteClerk, Supercontrol, TalkGuest, Track, Uplisting, VRBO, VRBookings, VRM (Virtual Resort Manager), Zeevou

These charts show trends by stay dates, which you can summarize by month, week, day, or by day of the week to easily compare year-over-year metrics. 
  1. Use the dropdown on each chart to choose which metrics to view.
    1. By default, we show RevenueRevParOccupancy, and ADR.
    2. You may also view the following: Booked NightsNum of Active ListingsNum of Check-insNum of Check-outsNum of Unique Bookings
  2. You can click on the years in the legend to hide/show the lines for a year (if you want to declutter the view)
  3. Zoom in on any dates by hovering your mouse over the chart and selecting a section.

These charts show trends by booking creation dates, which you can summarize by month, week, day, or by day of the week to compare year-over-year metrics easily.

Use the dropdown on each chart to choose which metrics to view:
  1. By default, we show Revenue and ADR.
  2. You may also view the following: BookingsBooked NightsAvg LOSAvg Booking Window

For seasoned revenue managers, this is super handy - you can see how many nights get booked from reservations with different booking windows and different stay lengths. The chart below shows that most booking activity happens in the next 2 months. It helps inform you that you shouldn't discount (either manually or using automated listing-occupancy/portfolio-occupancy rules) more than 2 months out, as most dates should anyway be empty. 

Instead of looking at Total Booked Nights, you can see a split by LOS on the Booking Window chart and a split by Booking Window on the LOS chart. This can help identify what kind of cascading min-stay settings might be useful. Do note that your own data will only show allowed reservations, so there might be a benefit to reducing min-stay to 2 nights last minute, but you won't see it here if you don't allow 2-night stays. It is super handy to compare this against a Market Dashboard for your area to see where the differences stem from and where there's a revenue opportunity you might be missing.

Listing Level Metrics (Insights + Table)

The listing insights scatter plot is a great way to identify how each listing in your portfolio is doing quickly. The default view shows the next 30 days occupancy on the y-axis and days since a listing last got booked on the x-axis (both x- and y-axes are configurable if you want to look at some other metrics). The listings that fall towards the bottom-right would be of particular concern - they have low occupancy and haven't been getting any bookings recently. Once you click and drag across the chart, the table below will automatically filter only to show those listings, so you can dive in and review their calendars and settings!

You can hover over any dot to see more information about the listing, and for the more data-driven, the table on the right contains all that info in a nice sortable, and filterable format! When you click the listing link in the table, a new tab opens to take you to that listing's calendar directly!

Reservations are fetched from PMS and channels once daily; thus, the Portfolio Analytics data refreshes every 24 hours.

We hope you will find this new page a valuable resource - do let us know if you have any feedback on how these can be improved!
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