Making the most of the data visualizations in PriceLabs!

Making the most of the data visualizations in PriceLabs!

Over the last two years, we've started providing more and more data about your listing's neighborhood, your overall market, and your own portfolio. While most of the functionality is fairly intuitive, we wanted to highlight some great functionality in the charts that might be easy to miss:
  1. Zooming in and out of charts:
    1. You can zoom in to any graph by clicking and dragging a window around the space you want to zoom in on.

    2. If you see a small slider/bar below a graph, it means that the date range for the graph is adjustable. The bar gives you an overview of the whole graph and the highlighted portion is the part of the graph you are currently seeing whereas the greyed out parts are the hidden ones. If you want to change the date range, you can do so by simply clicking on any one of the slider buttons and dragging them around! This will move the date range to show you the selected date range!

    3. If you want to see only a specific time window at any given time say a month, you can first adjust the slider to show you one month then you can move this window by clicking in the middle of the highlighted portion and dragging it around.

    4. If you are done playing around with the graphs or want to reset the zoom level, simply double click anywhere on the graph and it should show you the whole zoomed out graph

  2. Focusing on certain lines:
    1. You can hide any legend category you don't want to see by clicking on the category in the legend of the graph and it will hide the category! If you want to see it again, simply click on it again to enable it!

  3. Filtering/sorting tables:
    1. Many tables in PriceLabs will come with a filter row for each column. You can use expressions like > (greater than), = (equal), < (less than), etc. to filter the table as needed (Filtering Syntax provides the complete set of options for filtering text and numeric columns)

We hope knowing this helps you make a better use of all our current data products - there's a lot more coming here!
If you're curious what technology we use to build this amazing data to you - we power these visualizations using Dash/Plotly, which is used by many of the fortune 500 companies as well! 

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