Portfolio Analytics: Pacing Reports

Portfolio Analytics: Pacing Reports

Pacing Reports

  1. This report is more future-focused to bring out actionable information to drive changes in revenue management strategies and is good to be reviewed periodically.
  2. The Pacing chart in Portfolio Analytics gives insights into your booking rate against a benchmark, like last year or the market. You can gauge whether your portfolio is lagging or in line with previous trends. This tool also shows last year's final market occupancy rate, indicating the proportion of market inventory sold.
  3. We have updated the existing interface in the Pacing chart. Filters are now more visible to easily view the data from the past month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. You can also choose to aggregate this data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your requirements.
  4. Also, the filter selections you make will be saved for when you revisit the page. We have added a 'Remember Selection' checkbox at the top right which will make sure that the selections will be saved when you revisit the page later. 
This report is one of the coolest parts of the Portfolio Analytics dashboard - you can look at your listed rates and occupancy for future dates but also overlay it with the same data from a Market Dashboard to easily identify where your prices stand against the market, and how your occupancy relates to the market! It shows more "current state" compared to what happened at the same time last year.

Note: You need to subscribe to a Market Dashboard to choose it from the dropdown.

Even if you don't compare against market data, this can help you easily spot dates that are under/overperforming and may need any pricing adjustments (if you use portfolio occupancy rules in PriceLabs, those should already be accounting for it!).

1. Pacing against yourself:

This gives you forward-looking listing rates, occupancy, ADR (booked), and RevPAR.
For occupancy, ADR (booked), and RevPAR, we also compare them to the same day last year to help understand how things are.
Check the box on the left named 'Final last year' to review and compare the final metrics for last year. 

2. Pacing against the market:

You can add market info from the top right menu that overlays on the listed price and occupancy chart. This would make the graphs look much more busy than before, but if given time to understand, the data can prove very powerful.

As seen in the image below, it lets you compare your listing metrics vs the market metrics in three different formats:
  1. Your occupancy/ADR/RevPAR vs market occupancy/ADR/RevPAR (the gray and red solid lines)
  2. Your occupancy/ADR/RevPAR last year today vs market occupancy/ADR/RevPAR last year today (the gray dotted and red dotted lines)
  3. Your occupancy/ADR/RevPAR last year final (the semi-dotted gray line)
These charts can also be aggregated to monthly/weekly/daily views. It also lets you easily download a listing-level report or date-level insights (including market data)!

Pro tip: Click on the legends to the left to enable/disable them and gradually add data as you're more comfortable reading it 👇

Booking Curves

This report shows the "evolution" of how your listings are performing in the current state. By default, it includes some current months showing how the revenue, occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR have been building up for upcoming months. 

You can also add a custom date range like in the screenshot below, which shows March 2023.

And if you'd like to do a year-over-year analysis, you can choose the Custom option.

Reservations are fetched from PMS and channels once daily; thus, the Portfolio Analytics data refreshes every 24 hours.

We hope you will find this new page a valuable resource - do let us know if you have any feedback on how these can be improved!

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