How to connect PriceLabs to Ownerrez

How to Integrate PriceLabs with OwnerRez

When actively syncing with OwnerRez, PriceLabs can send rates and minimum stay requirements for 540 days from today (see our article here on extending your pricing calendar).
Before connecting OwnerRez to PriceLabs, please make sure all of your listings have initial rates and a location set in OwnerRez. If you haven't configured any rates in OwnerRez yet, go to Settings > Seasonal Rates and add a nightly rate for the property, set for "All Seasons." Latitude and longitude are entered in the Location tab for each property in OwnerRez. 

Connecting Pricelabs to Ownerrez

Listings under 1 account in Ownerrez cannot be split into multiple PriceLabs accounts

Step 1. Once initial rates and a location are set for each property, you're ready to connect PriceLabs to Ownerrez!

To do that, log on to PriceLabs and click the "+ Add/Reconnect Listings" button, select Ownerrez from the drop-down list, then click the connect button.

Step 2. Upon clicking, you'll be taken to Ownerrez to verify that you want to connect your account to PriceLabs. Click to authorize the connection on Ownerrez, and your listings will be imported into PriceLabs.

Once that is done, you will see your OwnerRez listings on your PriceLabs dashboard! Check out our Getting Started Guide for some basics, or join one of our Live Training Sessions to learn about all available customizations. When you're ready to start syncing prices, you can toggle sync for your listings and wait for our automatic nightly updates, or press the Sync Now! button to sync prices immediately.

If you want to check data in OwnerRez, open Settings > Spot Rates and filter the list to the property you just synced. That will show you all prices sent from PriceLabs.
Note that spot rates don't currently show on rate table widgets or the property overview page -- those show seasonal rates only.
Open Tools > Rate Tester (to run a test quote) or Tools > Rate Checker (to check nightly rates for a longer period) and run some test quotes to see the new rates.

Length of Stay Pricing 

You can set some discounts based on the length of stay for any booking in OwnerRez Platform. More Information here.
  1. Go to Settings > Discounts and create one in OwnerRez.
  2. Set it to a Discount Type, applied Automatically and enter the description
  3. Under Discount, set it to a Percent of rent amount type and set the percent discount
  4. Under Criteria in the Booking Fields section, add your requirement - E.g.  Number of Nights is Greater Than or Equal To 7.

1. It is highly recommended to use only 1 OwnerRez account for 1 PriceLabs account to prevent any integration issues.

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