Length of Stay Pricing Adjustments

Length of Stay Pricing Adjustments

Length of Stay pricing is a flexible pricing strategy that takes into consideration the number of nights the guest is planning to stay at the property.  Based on the stay length, this customization sets a "Percent" price change on the final Recommended Price (after all other customizations have been applied).
Note: Length of stay pricing is available for users of the following PMSs only: 
  1. Stays.net
  2. Rentals United
We will be adding more PMSs in the coming months. If you don't see your PMS on the list, please reach out to us at   support@pricelabs.co

Common scenarios where it's helpful

  1. You want to accept shorter bookings at higher rates - e.g. 1 night stays at 30% extra, 2 night stays at 10% more, and so on. 
  2. You want to apply a different discount for longer stays of different lengths - e.g., 7+ night stays at 10% discount, 14+ night stays at 15% discount (Note: in many PMSs, weekly and monthly discounts can be used to achieve this even when LOS pricing isn't available).

How to add Length of Stay Pricing Adjustments

To apply this setting, go to Review Prices->  Customizations Edit -> Advanced Customizations and turn the toggle on for " Length of stay pricing adjustments" - 

Next click on " Edit Adjustments" and enter the percentage discount/premium for the stay length as seen below. Please note that the all the fields for premium and discount are required to be entered, and that the adjustment for a longer stay length should be lower than a shorter one (so you can't have 2 night stays at 20% premium, and 3 night stays at 25% premium).

If you have many listings then making Length of Stay Pricing adjustments to each listing one by one might be pretty time consuming. In such cases, we highly recommend using the account/PMS-level adjustments  (or group-level adjustments if you have different sets of properties needing different changes!), you can find this on the  Customization page  

As mentioned above, this setting is applied on top of all your price customizations, which includes Fixed Price Overrides, Orphan Discounts, etc. This means that the Recommend Price of a listing that uses this customization may go above your Maximum Price or below your Minimum Price.

This customization is now available under  "Advanced Customizations" as seen in the above screenshot.
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