How to Integrate with Property Management Systems that use PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing API

How to Integrate with Property Management Systems that use PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing API

About Integration

If you are using a Property Management System (PMS) that uses PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing API to send prices, then integrating with PriceLabs is super easy.
You are not required to enter any credentials during the integration process, as the listings are added by the PMS directly. 
(You can check if your PMS uses PriceLabs dynamic pricing here, before proceeding with the steps below)
The detailed steps are mentioned below!

Step 1: Log into your PriceLabs account and click on Add/Reconnect listings.

Step 2: Select your PMS from the drop-down menu. Select the checkbox to allow, and then click on save.
If your PMS is not visible in the dropdown, please reach out to, we will enable the PMS for you.

After these steps, the PMS will be able to add listings to your account.

Since the listings are added by your PMS to the PriceLabs account, they might not get added instantaneously.
In such a case, we recommend reaching out to the respective PMS's support and letting them know that you have allowed the listings' import in PriceLabs.
They can then facilitate it for you and add the listings.

After the listings are added and the sync has been successful, you can find your PriceLabs rates and minimum stay settings in your PMS.
Do check out our Getting Started Guide for some basics, or join one of our live trainings to learn about all of the available customizations.

You can also set up other customizations on PriceLabs for your listings like check-in/check-out restrictions, length of stay premiums/discounts, extra person fees, etc. and the same will be pushed to your PMS.
If you have set it up but are not seeing it reflected on the PMS, chances are, they are not picking up these settings from PriceLabs.
Do reach out to your respective PMS to resolve this.

List of Property Management Systems that use PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing API

If you use any of the below PMSs, you can follow the steps mentioned above to integrate with PriceLabs:
Please note that if you use PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing API, there will be an additional $1 charge per month per listing, apart from the usual monthly rate, as mentioned here.

  1. AB Apartment Barcelona
  2. Bookipro
  3. Egluu
  4. EveryOffice
  5. Hostex
  6. Hosthub (Syncbnb)
  7. Hosty
  8. Interaction Booking Manager
  9. Kasa Kontrol
  10. Levr
  11. LosjiTech
  12. MisterPlan
  13. Pordal
  14. Resly
  15. Sibo
  16. SuperHote
  17. Update247
  18. Upturn
  19. Venice Agency
  20. Appfolio
If you use any other PMS, do check out our available integrations for more details on them!

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