2023-07 (July) : Your Bookings Now Visible in PriceLabs; Our Italian Version is Out!

2023-07 (July) : Your Bookings Now Visible in PriceLabs; Our Italian Version is Out!

Dive into the latest issue of the PriceLabs newsletter! Our Pricing Calendar, Calendar Tooltip, and Neighborhood Data now include essential booking data, improving decision-making and workflow. Discover why and how you can leverage this new information. We’re also now letting you customize our premiums for far-out bookings.
Plus: PriceLabs is now available in Italian!

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This month’s updates: Adding Booking Data for Improved Decisions + Far-Out Customizations + PriceLabs in Italian + OTA Sync

You will find a summary of our updates below. If you want more information, you can do the following two things:

Read our detailed article about all our product updates

Why PriceLabs is importing your bookings into its Pricing Calendar, Calendar Tooltip, and Neighborhood Data tools

  • Time-Saving: You no longer need to switch back and forth between PriceLabs, your Property Management System (PMS), and/or Airbnb .

  • Increased Clarity: We now show you whether a date is 'Unavailable' and or 'Unbookable' in our calendar.

New indicators in the Listing Calendar and Multi-Calendar page

  • Booked: The date is booked.

  • Check-in: The date is booked and it's the check-in day.

  • Unbookable: The date can't be booked due to minimum-stay or check-in/check-out restrictions in PriceLabs.

PriceLabs legend

Video: How we feature your booking data in our calendar and graphs

PriceLabs Calendar Now With Key Booking Data - July 2023 Update

The Future Prices chart in Neighborhood Data allows you to see upcoming and past bookings

  • Your Upcoming Bookings (in green): Displays your Average Daily Rate (ADR) and the dates for each of your bookings for the next 12 months.

  • Your Last Year Bookings (in blue): Presents the ADR and the booking dates during the same period in the previous year.

future prices
Check  PriceLabs  Now and See Your Booking Data We’ve Imported

New Far-Out Premium Options

You can now customize far-out premiums. Choose between gradual and fixed percentages. This ensures better rates for early bookings and protections against premature reservations at low rates. For access to this feature, contact support@pricelabs.co.

Read more about Far-Out Prices

Parli Italiano? PriceLabs Now Does, Too!

In addition to the training sessions, customer support, and account management already provided in Italian, our product interface is now also available in this language!

PriceLabs now supports English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Portuguese is next!

Read more about swiching to Italian and Italian market data

New integration: OTA Sync

OTA Sync is the newest addition to the list of 90+ PMSs and channel managers that connect directly with PriceLabs. Welcome to OTA Sync users!

Free Training & Group Onboarding Schedule

Did you know PriceLabs offers free live training and group onboarding sessions? So whether you're a beginner or a pro, and regardless of whether you speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese, we have a training session for you. Check out our schedule and register today.

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