Far-out Premium

Far-out Premium

We gradually increase the prices far out to ensure that for large events (yet to be announced), you're not the first ones to get booked. Also, because the demand for next period is uncertain and since we are looking to maximize your nightly rates, we keep the rates high to try and get a booking at a higher rate. 
By default, a gradual 20% premium over seven months after 30 days from today (about 0.1% per day), after 270 days rates a flat 20% premium is applied.

When to modify the far-out premiums: If your preference is to lock in revenue farther out, our far out premium customization can help you turn the default far out premium off.

The setting is only available on request, so please reach out to our support team at support@pricelabs.co to enable this!  

Once enabled, this customization is  available under  "Advanced Customizations" as seen in the below screenshot.

Note that if you want to fine tune the far out premium, then you can turn this setting off by selecting " No far out premium" as seen in the below screenshot, and use  Occupancy Based Adjustments to created a custom far out premium.

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