How to connect PriceLabs to Tokeet

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Tokeet

Connecting to Tokeet

Using the integration with Tokeet, you can update daily rates and minimum stays for your rentals in Tokeet based on PriceLabs data, along with weekly and monthly discounts, and extra guest fees for your listings. PriceLabs integration is available only with the Tokeet Agent Plan and higher. Please note that pricing calendars for Tokeet listings are only available for one year and can not be extended. 

Step 1. To integrate your PriceLabs account with Tokeet first log into Tokeet and Navigate to Settings > Account Info, or click this link:
Your Tokeet Account ID will be shown right under the Account Info section header.

Step 2. Scroll down to API Keys and click "Create"

Step 3. Give your Tokeet API Key a name and click "OK"

Step 4. Next, log into PriceLabs and click the "Add your listings" button. Select Tokeet from the drop down menu, enter your Tokeet Account ID and API Key you created, and click "Connect" 
You should now see your Tokeet listings on your PriceLabs dashboard!

If you head back to Tokeet, you'll see PriceLabs daily rates for the next 365 days on the rates table for your listings. If your Tokeet rental had existing rates, these will be erased and replaced with rates from PriceLabs. You will see them as rate category "default", with PriceLabs in the rate name:

To have your rates appear on your Tokeet calendar, you will need to manually refresh your rates. 

Refreshing rates on your Tokeet calendar

If you do not see your PriceLabs rates on your Tokeet calendar, you can do a manual rate refresh by going to the base rate settings for a rental and clicking Save. Then go to the rates table and click on one of your PriceLabs rates, click save there also. Refresh your browser page to see the updates. 

Limitations and Notes from Tokeet: 

  1. If your Tokeet rental had existing rates, these will be erased and replaced with rates from PriceLabs
  2. PriceLabs integration is now compatible with Tokeet Websites. Your Tokeet Website will display PriceLabs rates for rentals utilizing PriceLabs.
  3. You are still responsible for pushing rates to the API Channels; this process will not happen automatically.  Please see this Tokeet Help Center article for more info on pushing rates.

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