How to connect PriceLabs to STAAH

How to Integrate PriceLabs with STAAH

Connecting PriceLabs to STAAH

When actively syncing with STAAH, PriceLabs will send rates and minimum stay requirements to STAAH listings for one year from today (see our article here on extending your pricing calendar beyond one year), along with check-in and check-out restrictions and extra guest fees. To connect your STAAH account to PriceLabs, follow the simple steps below. 

Step 1: Before adding your listings to PriceLabs, you must create a new rate plan with the name "PriceLabs" under "Rate Plans" settings and set this as a Master rate plan. If you don't have the capability to create a Master rate plan (, then please reach out to to enable this feature for your account. Once you create the "PriceLabs" master rate plan, map all the plans as child rate plans.

A Master rate plan will help us to push rates to it, and all other rate plans can derive pricing based on this rate plan. For example, if you have "Standard," "Bed and Breakfast," and "Non-Refundable" rate plans, you can create a formula on STAAH that will help you to derive rates by 1.1 (10% premium), 1.2 (20% premium), and 0.9 (10% discount) based on the rates that are pushed to the "PriceLabs" master rate plan.

When you're ready to connect PriceLabs to STAAH, please reach out to; we will work with the STAAH support team to enable the connection. Once the connection between accounts is set up, you will get an email with your RMS account credentials from STAAH support; these credentials will be used to establish the connection to PriceLabs. 

Step 2: When you have received your RMS account credentials from STAAH support, log into your PriceLabs account and click the "+ Add/Reconnect Listings" button. From the 'PMS / Channel Manager' tab, kindly select 'STAAH' from the dropdown and enter your credentials in the spaces provided

Step 3: Once PriceLabs is enabled to send rates to each property, and you're satisfied with your recommended rates, toggle on the sync switch in PriceLabs and wait for our regular nightly sync, or click the "Sync now!" button to send your rates and min-stays to STAAH immediately. You can learn more about your dashboard and review prices through our Getting Started Guide or join one of our live onboarding training sessions during office hours to get a guided overview of the system!

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