How to connect PriceLabs to Smoobu

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Smoobu

Connecting PriceLabs to Smoobu

When actively syncing with Smoobu, PriceLabs will send rates and minimum stay requirements to Smoobu listings for up to 540 days from today (see our article here on extending your pricing calendar). 

How to connect to Smoobu

Step 1. To connect PriceLabs to Smoobu, follow Smoobu's handy guide to integrating your accounts on their side.
You'll need to make sure you have entered in Smoobu:
  1. The location information for your property
  2. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  3. The currency,
  4. and, most important: set prices, minimum stay, and availability for your listing in Smoobu. If the listing is new, you can set a high price (e.g., $999) to avoid reservations between the moment you make your listing available and the first sync between Pricelabs and Smoobu
To find your API Key in Smoobu, go to Settings -> Integration and Partnerships -> Pricelabs 

Step  2. Once you've saved your location data in Smoobu and gotten your API key, log in to your PriceLabs account and click the "+ Add/Reconnect Listings" button.
From the 'PMS / Channel Manager' tab, kindly select 'Smoobu' from the drop-down menu, enter your API key, and click "Connect."

Easy-peasy! You should now see all your listings in the PriceLabs dashboard! Our onboarding guide has info on how to review prices, set appropriate parameters, make adjustments, etc., or check out one of our Live Training Sessions

Entering location information in Smoobu

Please note that after taking the following steps, you must re-import your Smoobu listings to PriceLabs using the "Add your listings" button on your PriceLabs dashboard for the changes to take effect. 
To enter or adjust your listing's location in Smoobu - Click settings > Integrations and Partnerships > PriceLabs  
( As seen in the video above)

After selecting PriceLabs, scroll down a bit past the video to the address details, and you'll find a space to enter your listing's location information. Please ensure that each property has a full address and has the number of guests, bedrooms, and bathrooms entered. The latitude and longitude should fill in automatically.

Here are the steps to change the Longitude and Latitude in Smoobu:
  • Go to Settings -> Website Builder -> Accommodations -> Details & Photos -> Map

Find out your exact Latitude and Longitude you wish to display (from Google maps), then paste into Smoobu (replacing the old) for an exact pin drop location!

Once both the Address and Rooms and beds sections have been filled out, you can head back to PriceLabs and use the "Add your listings" button to import the updated information into PriceLabs. Reintegrating your accounts will not overwrite anything previously set for your listings in PriceLabs. 

Availability and Pricing Errors in Smoobu

There must be a year's worth of future pricing and availability shown in Smoobu in order for PriceLabs to sync prices to your listing successfully. If you are getting errors from PriceLabs that your listing does not have pricing and/or availability, please check that the pricing calendar in Smoobu appears like the one highlighted below, with a rate in the line for the standard price and not the portal-adjusted prices. Once the two rows have pricing and stay requirements filled in, come back to PriceLabs and click "Save & Refresh" on your pricing calendar. Please submit a support ticket if your listing does have all that information and you are still seeing that error. 

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