Pricing Recommendation Nudges

Pricing Recommendation Nudges

What are nudges?

Nudges framework delivers customized suggestions, saving you time and optimizing your pricing strategies for higher occupancy and revenue, especially if you manage an portfolio of listings.

You'll receive prompts (also called nudges) when a listing's setting needs adjustment, enabling you to realign with market conditions and boost your competitiveness.

These nudges are available on the Pricing Dashboard - this proactive approach saves the effort of continuously monitoring the platform for new recommendations, ensuring that you stay informed without investing excessive time and effort.

We perform a check every 7 days for your listing to see if they are eligible for nudges.
What action to take when you get a nudge?
Please note that the nudges DON’T automatically change your settings. You have the option to accept or reject these nudges.

Base Price Nudge

Eligibility for Base Price Nudge

With the Base Price Nudges, we keep a close eye on your base price and notify you if we detect a more than 5% difference between your Current Base price and our Recommendation for a new Base Price.
If you haven't set a base price yet, we'll use your Imported base price as a reference for the nudge.
The "Learn More" link will lead you to the Base Price Help Tool and allow you to tweak our recommendation.

When will your listing NOT get a base price nudge?

The following cases are NOT eligible for a Base Price Nudge:
  1. If you have seasonal prices set via Custom Seasonal Profile, you won't receive a Base Price Nudge
  2. For mapped listings, the nudge will only appear on the Parent listing, and you'll have the option to apply the Base Price Nudge to your child listings

Minimum Price Nudge

Eligibility for Minimum Price Nudge

In the next 30 days, if at least 21 available days are sitting on the Minimum Price, and Minimum Price hasn't been changed in the last 10 days, we recommend users to reduce their Minimum Price by 5% for the eligible listing.

The "Learn More" link will display a tooltip that describes why you are getting this nudge. 

When will your listing NOT get a minimum price nudge?

  1. If your Minimum Price has been modified in the last 10 days
  2. If you use a Minimum Price other than the Listing level Min Price in the next 30 days (e.g. minimum weekend, far-out, custom seasonal min price set on Group, Sub-group, or Account-level)
  3. For mapped listings, the nudge will only appear on the Parent listing, and you'll have the option to apply the Minimum Price Nudge to your child listings
To learn more about setting up your minimum price, check our guide here.

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