How to use PriceLabs and get the best out of it

Training Sessions on How to Use PriceLabs and Get the Best Out of it!

Every day, we do PriceLabs training sessions during office hours where we cover how to use PriceLabs and best practices! These trainings are held in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. We run two levels of training sessions.
You can find the timings and registration link on this page:  Training Sessions

PriceLabs 101: Setting up your listings in PriceLabs

This is an entry level training session where we cover most basic details about how to set-up your PriceLabs account. We recommend that you do this session in your first week of using PriceLabs (and also, as a refresher maybe after 3-6 months of using PriceLabs).

During this session we cover the following topics: 
  1. How PriceLabs comes up with rate recommendations
  2. Setting a base and minimum price for your listings
  3. Dynamic minimum stays
  4. Managing rates day to day
  5. Syncing rates to your PMS
This session is highly recommended for every user!

PriceLabs 201: Advanced Pricing Strategies

This session is best recommended for folks with 10+ listings or those who are looking for more manual control on how to use PriceLabs The prerequisite for this session is that you have either attended PriceLabs 101 training or are familiar with most basic concepts covered during the 101 session.

During this session, we will discuss Advanced Pricing Customizations that PriceLabs has to offer. We will cover the following things during the session:
  1. Best practices for creating groups
  2. Last-minute discounts and Orphan day prices
  3. Occupancy Based Adjustments
  4. Custom Season Profiles
  5. Adjacent factors, Day of week adjustments etc.

Recorded Training Sessions 

  1. PriceLabs 101 (English): Getting Started With PriceLabs | Training Session
  2. PriceLabs 201 (English): Advanced Pricing Customizations | Training Session
  3. PriceLabs 101 (Italiano): Iniziare con PriceLabs | Training Session
  4. PriceLabs 101 (Spanish): Introducción a PriceLabs | Sesión de entrenamiento
  5. PriceLabs 201 (Spanish): Personalizaciones avanzadas de precios | Sesión de entrenamiento
  6. PriceLabs 101 (français) : Configurer vos annonces dans PriceLabs
  7. Intro to Portfolio Analytics (English) | Free Analysis for your Properties | Training Session
  8. Intro to Market Dashboards (English) | Training Sessions

For more details on account setup refer - Getting started with Pricelabs- A comprehensive guide 

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