PriceLabs API

PriceLabs API

Why use PriceLabs API?

Our API allows customers to receive prices from PriceLabs & edit settings in PriceLabs for the listings that are actively syncing to other channels/PMS. Some of our customers use our API to read our recommended rates and:

  1. Direct Bookings: Update their direct booking website: Many of our customers maintain a direct booking website (to take commission free bookings in addition to OTAs) where the prices and min-stay are sometimes not updated by their PMS (if they use one). In such a case, you can user our API to populate rates automatically without having to periodically copy them.
  2. Additional Analysis & Archiving: Larger property management companies sometimes import our rate updates into their databases or Business Intelligence dashboards do additional analysis, fine tune recommendations, or just store historic snapshots.
  3. Automating Adjustments: Lastly, some customers automate some settings adjustments (internal rule based base price updates, special event prices) and send those to PriceLabs via our API
If you are a PMS looking to integrate with PriceLabs. Please reach out to us at; We have a different API for  self-serve PMS integrations.

API documentation: 

Our API documentation can be found on this linkSend the API documentation to your developer and let us know if you have any questions!

Where to find your API Key:

Go to the account settings page, click "API Details," and enable the API access.


API usage charges:

We charge $1/listing/month for all listings syncing during a billing month.

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