How to use PriceLabs Customer API to send the prices to Wordpress/ Wix website?

How to use PriceLabs Customer API to send the prices to Wordpress/ Wix website?

Step 0: Please ensure that the listing is active in PriceLabs. It might be connected through any PMS/channel (Airbnb/VRBO).

Step 1: Next enable your API key from PriceLabs. 

Where to find your API Key

Go to the account settings page, click "API Details," and enable the API access.

The setting is only available on request, so please reach out to our support team at to enable this!

API usage charges:

We charge $1/listing per month for all listings syncing during a billing month.

Step 2: Once you have your API key, you can find our API documentation on this link.
  1. Use the ‘POST - prices for listing’ to read our prices. 
  2. In the API response you will need to use the “date”, “price”, “min_stay” to show rates and restrictions on your WordPress booking details page. 
  3. We also have another object "user_price" that will help you to see which dates are unavailable to book. When the date is unavailable “user_price” will be -1.
  4. All these are custom to your WordPress site, so today there isn't any plugin that is developed to read our prices.
Step 3: Once a booking is successfully made you might want to synchronize with all your touchpoints (say Airbnb/VRBO/
  1. iCal can work here but only with those OTAs and channels that support it - otherwise availability will have to be exclusively synced with each OTA/channel via an API integration.
  2. Also, there are various 3rd party plugins which sync WordPress and Wix websites with direct OTA’s. One example of such a plugin : WP Booking System.
You can also choose the language your website is built upon from the API documentation.

Wordpress Plugins which provides PriceLabs connection

There are plugins available in Wordpress which provides PriceLabs connection as a service and can be installed directly on your Wordpress website without a need to develop the connection from scratch. One such example is WP Booking System which provides this as an Add-On service to their plugin.
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