How to connect PriceLabs to Lodgix

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Lodgix

When successfully syncing with Lodgx, PriceLabs can update rates and minimum stay requirements for dates up to one year from today. Integrating Lodgix with your PriceLabs account can be done by following these simple steps. 

Step 1. Enable PriceLabs on your Lodgix account by going to Calendar > Dynamic Pricing > PriceLabs and toggling the switch to the ON position. Choose which properties you wish to connect to your PriceLabs account. Once you have ticked the boxes for the properties you wish to price, click to show and then copy the API key.
Step 2. Head over to your PriceLabs dashboard and click the blue "Add your listings" button to open the available connections box. Select Lodgix from the drop down, paste your API key in the space available, and click "Connect". 
That's it! You should now see your Lodgix listings on your PriceLabs dashboard. Check out our Getting Started Guide or join one of our Intro to PriceLabs Live Training Sessions for some basics and you can start reviewing prices. 
PriceLabs only sends nightly rates to Lodgix listings. Any existing weekly and / or monthly rates setup in Lodgix WILL REMAIN IN PLACE for bookings that occur from your website or are taken manually within Lodgix.

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