How to integrate with Ayrton

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Ayrton

When successfully syncing rates to Ayrton listings, PriceLabs can update daily rates, minimum stay, check-in and check-out restrictions.  It only takes a few minutes to connect your Ayrton account to PriceLabs, we have detailed the steps for connecting your Ayrton listings with PriceLabs below:

Importing Ayrton listings in PriceLabs: 

Step 1 : Create a PriceLabs account and Add your listings

Once in your PriceLabs account, click on the upper left gray button “+ Add/Reconnect listings”

A popup window will appear and offer you to choose your PMS within the list. Search for “Ayrton”. Then be sure to check “Allow Ayrton to add listings to your PriceLabs account”. Then click Save

Step 2: Connect & setup in Ayrton:

To set up Pricelabs seamlessly, kindly send a WhatsApp message to Ayrton support team expressing your interest in the integration. Also, share your registered PriceLabs email ID with Ayrton support.

Upon receiving your request, Ayrton support will promptly connect and automatically sync your listings with PriceLabs. If there are specific listings you prefer not to integrate with PriceLabs, it's a breeze – just go to Listings > Select the listing you want to manage with PriceLabs and uncheck the "Integrate with PriceLabs" option. Alternatively, you may contact Ayrton support for any assistance.

Any new listings, changes in listings/rates/availability of listings and reservations updates will be pushed to PriceLabs once every 12 hours. If you wish to instantly sync the same, you may manually sync by clicking 'Sync Pricelabs' in Listings=>Edit=>Connections as shown in the below screen.

Step 3 : Finish the setup of your listing in PriceLabs

Now you can go into your PriceLabs account, click on “Review Prices” for the listing you want to set up, then set a minimum and base price.

To save your settings, click on "Save & Refresh. When you're satisfied with the rates on your PriceLabs calendar, you can toggle on the sync switches for your listing(s) and wait for our regular nightly sync, click "Sync Now!" to send prices immediately for individual listings or go to the Customizations page to sync your entire account at once. 

Once you have successfully imported your listings, you can go through our Getting Started guide or join one of our  live onboarding training sessions during office hours to get a good overview of the system and all of the available customizations. 

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